In “A Brother’s Murder” by Brent Staples

In “A Brother’s Murder” by Brent Staples

In “A Brother’s Murder” by Brent Staples, he wrote about the story of his brother named Blake and him. They both grew up in the rough and industrial city, but they took the different path in their life. After two years disconnected from each other, Brent receives a phone call with the news that Blake had been murdered by his close friend. Although being born in the similar circumstance, but everyone has the choices for their future; Brent was a highly educated journalist and Blake who sells drugs and had been killed by a friend.
When they go through such harsh life together, they have a lot of faith and love for each other. “We both were raised in Chester, Pennsylvania, an angry, heavily black, heavily poor, industrial city southwest of Philadelphia.” (Staples, 612) They have to live in the same way with the violent life of their neighborhood as a stress life. They are no stranger to death when witnessed by their relatives or loved ones are killed. That is the reason they are both chose to moved away from Pennsylvania, so it leads the difference in their future.
Brent Staple who scared of the way his brother’s life. He became a successful journalist after leaving his hometown. “I left the East Coast after college, spent the mid- and late 1970s in Chicago as a graduate student, taught for a time, then became a journalist. ” (Staples, 613). But his brother chose to move to the other country with the same environment with Pennsylvania.  He became a crime, fight with police, lived like the street thugs, and finally murdered by his inseparable friends at the young age of twenty-four years old. “My brother grew up to wear his manhood on his sleeve. And when he died, he was in that group—black, male and in its teens and early twenties— that is far and away the most likely to murder or be murdered.” (Staples, 613).


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