Importance of Bingo in Mental Health Student’s Name Institution Importance of Bingo in Mental Health The act of bringing together the concept of play theory and depiction of the seven-sister mania for bingo in the Rez Sisters proved to be very thought-provoking

Importance of Bingo in Mental Health Student’s Name Institution Importance of Bingo in Mental Health The act of bringing together the concept of play theory and depiction of the seven-sister mania for bingo in the Rez Sisters proved to be very thought-provoking

Importance of Bingo in Mental Health
Student’s Name

Importance of Bingo in Mental Health
The act of bringing together the concept of play theory and depiction of the seven-sister mania for bingo in the Rez Sisters proved to be very thought-provoking. The Rez Sister play is an article that focuses on hope and visions of a group of seven women. It is subjected to a reserved Indian life of seven women who are dreaming of working towards raising enough fund to go to, “the biggest Bingo game in the entire world.” From the play realities of the darkness of life from the native life of Indian reserve with humor and spiritual elements of Aboriginal are highlighted in this play. As depicted below is a research on the Rez Sister play about the Bingo and what it meansCITATION EAA17 l 2057 (Abuswailen, 2017).

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The Biggest Bingo in the World comes as rumor after the seven sisters experiences the tension of sharing their lovers and stealing one another husbands. Ironically all the seven sisters are ecstatic about the rumor and tend to find if there are true. Soon after confirming that the Bingo game is true there all set their difference aside and work together to raise money in many ways in order travel to Toronto where it was held. After consolidating their hard work and effort to raise their fund, they board a borrowed van to travel to Toronto.

In the gaming world, bingo is a game that gives players a chance to match numbers pre-printed in a dissimilar arrangement on a card 5*5 where the number that holds the game is drawn at random. Bingo is often used for bonding; socializing but new medical research has shown that it has benefits for mental health CITATION dav17 l 2057 (Davies, 2017). Mental health can be explained as the psychosomatic state of anybody which is functioning at a pleasing level of behavioral and emotive adjustment. For most human beings as they are aging, their bodies and mind tend to become more sensitive and a high chance of slowing down and deteriorating in their performances CITATION dav17 l 2057 (Davies, 2017). To keep the mind and the body physically active, and mentally strong games like Bingo are highly recommended CITATION EAA17 l 2057 (Abuswailen, 2017).

What was called the Biggest Bingo in the World was now taken over by the seven women who in return the women could now seize control over their own life. From Krasner article, bingo had dual significance to the women such as modern replacement of inherent ritual, as an emblematic run away from poverty, loneliness, and boredom CITATION Kra16 l 2057 (Krasner, 2016). From the article, the woman takes control by offensive the bingo appliance and throwing master of the bingo out of the way CITATION Kra16 l 2057 (Krasner, 2016). With full ownership, the Rez sister’s reliefs their dull life by playing Bingo game now and then.

Unlike before where the Rez sisters were powerless and very poor, with the running of the Bingo game the woman could get some incomes to satisfy their daily needs. With the triumph of taking over the bingo, come with a lot of positive benefits to the seven women. Marie-Adele meets Nanabush who is described as an important and essential figure in the Inherent world of Christianity in the Christian monarchy mythology.
The aspect of sisterhood becomes stronger when Marie-dele dies thus making the woman now strongly work together through self-empowerment imposed by their past challenges. Pelajia realized the positive spiritual aspect of Marie-Adele demise by saying “you finally hit the big jackpot and I figure that we are going to make the most of it while we are in Toronto.

As pointed out by an article from Krasner, bingo has dual significance to the lives of this woman CITATION Kra16 l 2057 (Krasner, 2016). It shares the theme of frustration and boredom which leads people in the community to divert into a different direction to get rid of their problems. By playing the Bingo, the Rez sisters seems to be getting out of the monotonous life CITATION Kra16 l 2057 (Krasner, 2016).

Arguably as portrayed above, it is evidently to say the employment of play therapy is a very interesting and makes the entire novel to have a sense of sagacity. A play theory is employed to provide a means of an individual to experience their feelings through self-healing, natural and self-guiding process. Play therapy becomes an essential tool that impacts knowledge and acceptance of themselves and others. From the seven sisters in the plan, the employment of play therapy helps to create a continuity of a daily basis and helps in reducing distress and anxiety among the sisters. In a general point of view play therapy should be unified into healthcare background. This is because it will ensure a mutual type of connection that will bring forth togetherness and friendly environment at home.
The game of bingo and play therapy is a good way of helping those who are faced with health problems. Taking an example of Marie-Adele who is suffering from cancer, she is 39 years old, having fourteen children and her husband, EugeneCITATION EAA17 l 2057 (Abuswailen, 2017). She is quite an extraordinary woman who possesses a mother figure when she hopes to win enough money by playing the bingo game that she plans to buy an island for her children where they all can live at. With a big challenge on her shoulder, she engages herself with the bingo game that helps her to be physical, emotionally and spiritually strongCITATION EAA17 l 2057 (Abuswailen, 2017).
Another instance that bingo plays an important role in medicinal purpose is when all the seven sisters travel from India to Toronto to fulfill their desires. All the seven women have a dream of winning the bingo jackpot. They’re all anticipate a great transformation in their lives soon after winning the mega jackpot. Annie envisions for enough money that will help her buy every record of a musician by the name Patsy Cline’s and visit all the nightclubs in Toronto and go to all taverns in the city and listen to all the live music. Veronique dreams of having the biggest cooker on the reserve. Philomena wishes to buy the biggest and widest toilet with white color on the wall. Pelajia desires to build a pleasant pavement road outside premisesCITATION EAA17 l 2057 (Abuswailen, 2017).

With all the expectation of a good life after the aftermath of winning the bingo jackpot, this is not the case their experiences. On arrival in Toronto, luck is not on their side. Notwithstanding the fact of Philomena playing with her cards, she is the only winner where she takes home 600 dollars, and the rest return unsuccessful after alleging the bingo machine in their ferocityCITATION EAA17 l 2057 (Abuswailen, 2017). What is astonishing is that the women did not protest about their missed luck, rather the Rez sisters comprehend that their visions cannot be accomplished with likelihoods alone and that they needed to an emphasis on the variations they can achieve on their own. As above depicted one of the key importance of play therapy is acquire knowledge of self-acceptance and accepting what one cannot accomplish. As many could have anticipated for the six sisters to lose hope even after the death of their sister Marie-Adele, they display a strong sisterhood bond and plans to work together.

During the Burial of Marie-Adele, Pelajia states: “well sister, guess you finally hit the big jackpot. Best bingo game we’ve ever been to in our lives, huh? You know. Life’s like that, I figure. You certainly did. And as sure as hell am giving it one good try. For you. For me. For all of us. Promise. Really”CITATION EAA17 l 2057 (Abuswailen, 2017). The residual six women grip to work together to progress their social status together with bettering their lives.

In a general perspective, the employment of play therapy is very useful in mental health. Taking the case of the six women, to some extent it can be hard to rebuild from a lost hope/dream, but this is not the case for them. Veronique adopts Marie-Adele children’s, Annie oaths continual practicing on her singing to become a star singer in future, pelajia comes to acceptance of her spot on the roof, by thrashing it away for a brighter future. The metaphorical and literal journey portrayed by the Rez sisters Reflects a dramatic event of a woman coming into understanding what there are capable of and that there are not. Maybe this can be a transition of the sisters moving towards the right direction.
From the Usmiani article, the women’s bingo game gives the writer a delightful chance to mock their low-priced materialistic and consumerist boldness in the playCITATION mic10 l 2057 (highway, 2017). In the trembly play, a satire if evidently seen when Germaine’s liturgical prayers of all the good home she will be able to demand now that the whole directory is within grasp of her infinite gluttony. Highway surpasses the offensiveness of Germaine’s soliloquy by concentrating on the wish imaginary of PhilomenaCITATION mic10 l 2057 (highway, 2017).

As I conclude, we realize how Tomson Highway and Michel Tremblay, writing at similar points in the ancient progression of their civilization, and picking a parallel theatrical atmosphere, have formed two totally unlike plays, each play reflecting its ethosCITATION mic10 l 2057 (highway, 2017). Tremblay ‘s mocking action of the topic shocks Western postmodern negativism; Highway’s fantasy of retaining of the humanistic value system shows a civilization in which anticipation is not lostCITATION mic10 l 2057 (highway, 2017).

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