The are limitless! Internet gives people a freedom

The are limitless! Internet gives people a freedom

The computer is the invention of the 20th century. These mechanical brains are everywhere around us and play a big part in our life. The impact they created and still create on society is limitless. To talk about only a few, the exchange of information, the medicine as well as the education have been profoundly change by this invention. Firstly, it is logical to say that with billions of pages available to any user, Internet far surpasses all informational databases or libraries in the world.

From books to music through travel guides, everything is or can be found on the Internet.Great cultural database, the Internet is a space where cultures, traditions and religions mix. It is a real platform for public expression.

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Anyone can have its own web page and provide any information he wants. From videos to photos, text to recipes, the possibilities are limitless! Internet gives people a freedom never granted before, the possibility of escape, but also exchange. Secondly, the main actors in medical practice have tried for decades to get the most out of computers in order to improve the quality and traceability of care.It was first in the administrative management of patients, then in the process of acquiring medical data (CT, MRI, in particular) and their treatment. More recently, the act of the clinician was itself modified by the computer and the radiologist was able to establish more accurate diagnoses with imaging modalities and has been able to achieve virtual tests (endoscopies for example).

The surgeon, meanwhile, can now access during the procedure to anatomical data pre-recorded and analyze in real time the position of the surgical tool relative to the data that he can not perceive directlyThirdly, even that for some children, this is a new object, a source of curiosity, excitement and jubilation, on the pedagogical level, it is a tool primarily to improve practices and methods of teaching and learning . The evolution of teaching practices allowing diversified learning situations is associated with the introduction of multimedia in the classroom and had had a positive contribution to students and teachers. With many software available to them, students can improve their grammar, spelling and the quality of their project.The use of these software requires knowledge and skills that such use contributes in turn to develop. To finish with,Internet is undoubtedly the major advancement from the end of the last century, being still in its early years, Internet is the custody of a bright future, with more interactivity, more opportunities and more advancement! It is a magnificent tool that helps the exchange of data, the medicine and the education.

Despite its many positive aspects, its place in our society is becoming increasingly important, if we do not control its progression Internet could become the foundation of our modern society.

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