Immanuel Carter ILR260 The days of waiting for that perfect match to come into your life by chance are long gone

Immanuel Carter ILR260 The days of waiting for that perfect match to come into your life by chance are long gone

Immanuel Carter
The days of waiting for that perfect match to come into your life by chance are long gone. The internet has given a new outlook to dating. Its no longer just used for task like booking flights or research. This new day and age has brought us to a point where we will never have to imagine a world like that. Virtually anything can be done on the internet, even love. Online dating has become the new way of finding your next relationship. (Barraket, 2008) It provides more options and is growing in usage every day. Romantic relationships have benefited through use of the internet.The internet has made online romantic relationships very easy and accesible to all age groups.
There’s no longer a need to go out to a club in an attempt to meet the love of your life (Alam,2011). Online now allows people to do this for free and from their PC/mobile device. EHarmony is one of the many popular online sites. On your first visit to EHarmony it features a free “create your own profile” . User’s than fill out an online compatibility questionnaire. Once all the information has been imputed, the site creates their profile. After all the information is processed the user is ready to start meeting new singles. Online dating unlike tradtional dating adjust to the individuals schedule avoiding any conflicts. For example a night shift worker is able to go online and meet other users who work same shift.
Gays and lesbians are at a minority in the dating population. E-Harmony created a site called compatible partners where the are similar to the straight online dating site. This allows gays to meet others of the same sexualities online. It provides them with more match options. There are many others who need the internet like people with disabilities or people that have difficulty meeting others face to face (Barraket, 2008).
Before the internet, romantic relationships would connect long distances though a telephone. The internet offers email, chat rooms, skype or any other forms of social media. Lovers from all over the world are able to connect no matter the distance. EHarmony provides many options of available singles that match with the personalities chosen by that of the searcher. Although nothing will ever beat face to face contact. Social media platforms like facebook,instagram and snapchat have helped cover that area for online dating.

The internet has over 20 million users daily (Couch, Danielle, 2006). Like the internet, online romantic relationships are curently 91,000,000 and growing (Barraket,2018). The potential of the internet to form new relationships has become a interest for academic scholars and the media (Buzwell, & Hardie, 2006). Dr. Phil has even done a show highlighting online dating. There has also been countless movies promoting the use of online dating.

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In conclusion, the internet has provided individuals like myself a recently divorced father of three more convenient ways of developing relationships. I have the ability to do this from the comfort of my home, work and even while on break at my second job. Gays, people with disabilities, or those that simply have trouble with face to face contact. meeting people face to face are able to form romantic relationships through online dating Although much research is yet to be done on such a current topic, it is apparent that the use of the internet has benefited the building and developing of romantic relationships.

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