Wasteful goal. Another waste of electricity is

Wasteful goal. Another waste of electricity is

Wasteful PeopleA major problem in the USA today is the fact that Americans waste a lot. The main focus of this fact is the many different things that we waste, although steps are being made to fix the problem of us wasting so many resources.

One thing we waste unfortunately is water. For example, One waste of water is many people take bathes instead of showers. Taking a shower saves water by only using a small amount of the water that is needed, to fill the whole tub.

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Another waste of water is leaving the water running while doing the dishes. The water should always be turned off between rinses. Furthermore doing a full load of laundry when washing your clothes is a waste of water. Therefore make sure that the washer is completely full before starting the washer. Finally leaving the water running while brushing your teeth is good example of water being wasted. A solution to this problem would be to turn the water off between rinses.

We have to remember to conserve our water; it can be a costly mistake.Another energy that Americans often waste is electricity. Leaving the lights on in a room that is not occupied is a prime example of a waste of electricity. All that you have to do to conserve electricity in this case is to simply turn the lights off whenever you leave the room. Something that is sometimes too hard to do, but with a little self-discipline it can be a reasonable goal. Another waste of electricity is when people leave their Televisions on all night, Stewart 2whenever they are not home or when they are out of the room. Leaving the refrigerator door open for too long when looking for something is another waste of electricity.

This is very common in most households. People leave the door open while putting away groceries or when looking for a snack. A way to solve this problem is to know what you want before you look for a snack, and shut the door between items while putting away the groceries.

Wasting electricity can be a very expensive. We need to be careful how we conserve our energy.Americans waste a lot of recyclable goods, such as paper, glass, and plastic.

Paper products are frequently wasted at home and at work. Discarded newspapers and old grocery bags is one example of wasted paper. The solution to saving paper is easy just take all of your old paper products to a local recycling center.

Another piece of thrash that is wasted often is glass. Old pickle jars, mayonnaise jars, and jelly jars are thrown away carelessly in the trash when they can easily be washed and reused or recycled. The last piece of garbage that is frequently wasted is plastic. Plastic is wasted very often in milk cartons, soda bottles, and most other containers. Plastic is probably the most wasted thing that we use. Ether washing or reusing can easily conserve plastic.

You can also recycle plastic like the other two things. Wasting of glass, paper, and plastic can be prevented if people would take the time to recycle.Americans may be a wasteful people but with discipline and self-control the war against waste can be won. Keep aware about waste and you will be ok.Category: English

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