This of cultures. In IKEA’s case, there

This of cultures. In IKEA’s case, there

This report presents an analysis of how IKEA has successfully managed to adopt a global branding strategy and thus, penetrating international markets to become one of the most internationally recognised brand in the world.

The analysis shows that IKEA has adopted a standardized marketing strategy in which the merchandise are standardized throughout, with prices being comparatively low. Nonetheless, the store layout is unified throughout the world.However, in order to adapt to the different cultures in the world, the company tweaks/pinch/twist a bit of its marketing strategy. The analysis also reveals that another factor for IKEA’s success would be its customer’s involvement. The company engages in customer involvement, i. e. high involvement in which customer are able to select, choose, purchase and assemble the product.

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In addition, the company’s motto, “You do your part. We do our part. Together we save money. ” Thus, enabling the customer to feel as though a private experience has been gained.This analysis has also found that the internet and television has enabled a global culture to be broadcasted to all aspects of society, hence, either a unification or diversification of cultures. In IKEA’s case, there is mass recognition of the brand and hence, there is uniformity in their catalogue throughout the world, with slight tweaks to adapt to a certain country’s culture. While IKEA has been relatively successful in its marketing efforts and branding strategy, it is recommended that the company adapts to the culture that certain country while maintaining its Swedish branding and identity.

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