If also benefit the country greatly as

If also benefit the country greatly as

If I Was George BushIf I was George Bush I would follow the exact same path he is following right now. His plans for our countries Education and Health Care plan live up to their promises. These plans also benefit the country greatly as a whole. Yet, if I was President Bush, I would make the positive effects of these plans to prove themselves more immediate than they have been. This would urge America to follow my, or Bush’s, plans to make America a better place.The Education Plan the Bush has produced is almost perfect.

It contains six key points that I totally agree with. The first part of the plan says that American will provide state grants to recruit and train teachers. The second part of the plan being that America will be recruiting high quality Individuals to become teachers. The third part says that America will be expanding programs to train teachers in specific subject areas. The fourth part suggests that America will implement the Teachers Protection Act. The fifth part says that a new teacher’s tax deduction will be implemented. Lastly, the sixth part of the plan says that America will be providing expanded student loan forgiveness for teachers.

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All of these goals lead to one key plan. This plan is to put a quality teacher in every room. If this feat can be accomplished, I would follow the exact same plan Bush is following right now. Bush basically has this plan covered; even down to making teaching a more beneficial job.

The Teachers Protection Act ensures that teachers, principals, and other school officials are able to take reasonable steps to maintain order and discipline in the classroom without the fear of unnecessary litigation. This has always been a problem in public schools. Along with this is the teachers tax deduction. This proposes a Teacher Tax Deduction on up to $400 of qualified education expenses.

This tax deduction will provide $577 million in tax relief to teachers over the next five Years. Bush realizes that every child in America deserves a quality teacher, and I do to. This is why I am behind this plan one-hundred percent. For years, Federal programs have promised to strengthen State and local teacher quality efforts – but with few results. Through the No Child Left Behind Act and in his budget proposals, President Bush proposes to address these challenges of teacher quality and teacher training in major ways, and I totally agree.

As for Health Care, I am also in total agreement with Bush. I would implement the same three factors Bush is implementing. One is to ensure that resources are available to pay for “next-generation” medical countermeasures.

Project BioShield will allow the government to buy improved vaccines or drugs for smallpox, anthrax, and botulinum toxin. Two, this plan will strengthen NIH development capabilities by speeding research and development on medical countermeasures based on the most promising recent scientific discoveries. Third, the plan will give FDA the ability to make promising treatments quickly available in emergency situations. Basically, this tightly controlled new authority can make the newest treatments widely available to patients who need it in a crisis.

These are all vast improvements over the sub par heath care plan we all have now. These new ideas stand for everything I do. I would not only carry these action out as President but I would promote them till the day they are complete. With everything in place these idea will ensure that every American can choose affordable health care that meets their needs.

It also improves the overall quality of America’s Health Care. I once again am in the same boat as George W. Bush.

So our presidencies would seem almost the exact same.As President of the United States of America, I would promise to fulfill the needs of every America, including Mrs. Kinder. The only thing I would change about the presidency is the action time.

People hate to wait; I would improve the overall action time on issues and war decisions. Other than that Bush and I could rule together in harmony.

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