If a child has a speech

If a child has a speech

If a child has a speech, language or communication problem, there could be many reasons and many ways to help them, but first you need to find the reason why the child is having difficulties and then how to help the child.
If a parent/carer is worries about their child’s speech, language or communication, they may visit their GP or a health visitor for advice. A referral may be made initially to check the child’s eyesight and hearing to see if there is a problem there. In other cases a referral may be made directly to speech and language services. For some children if communication difficulties are linked to other learning difficulties, an assessment by an educational psychologist may be required. Speech therapy may be required by a speech therapist at regular intervals. Once establishes what type of support is needed then all professionals, parents/carers need to work together. For example, if a teacher sees that a child in their class is having trouble communicating with other children and adults, the reason for this may be that the child has English as an additional language (EAL). The teacher may then invite the parents/carers in for a meeting about how they can help the child with their English and communication. The may agree to have their child assessed by a speech therapist in their own language. If this happens the speech therapist will report back to the teacher on how they can help the child.


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