Many a impact on Individuals. An example of

Many a impact on Individuals. An example of

Many Factors such as out family,friends, jobs and ethnic backgrounds have both positive and negative impact on your Identity. In the text ” On her knees and ”Secrets’ by Tim Winton. We explore the various way factors around us can affect our personality and identity. In the story ” Secrets” Tim winton explores the life of a young girl and how her Family effects her identity. Due to her Loneliness and consent rejection from her family, she develops a low self – esteem and a feeling of sadness and depression. It has a Negative impact on her family and the way she views her family.An example of this is when winton stated ”She held the picture close to her face.

It made her confident. It made her think Philip and her mother were stupid. It stopped her from being lonely” This give us a example of how kylie feels about her mother and the type of connection she as with her.

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Winton used this technique to show how family can shape our personality and identity. Kylie as always been isolated from her family and leaves her depressed, This show how family can have a bad influences on a children’s identity.Another example used by Winton to show the effects of Family on child, is when Winton stated that ” Her mother and Philip were inside. She heard them arguing and wished she still lived with her father’ This show how lonely she is. It also show how loneliness and low self-esteem can shape a persons identity. Another story of Tim winton in ”big world” show how friends and family can have a impact on Individuals. An example of this the protagonish quoeted ” My mother is trying to wean me off biggies.

In Fact she’s got a program all mapped out to get us back on tra

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