Identifiable factors affecting female infertility include

Identifiable factors affecting female infertility include

Identifiable factors affecting female infertility include: hormonal or endocrine disturbances (menstrual or ovulatory disturbances), tubal factors (occlusions, pelvic adhesions and other tubal abnormalities), acquired non-tubal factors (cervical or uterine disturbances), sexual dysfunction and congenital abnormalities. Among women common causes for infertility were endocrine issues thirty five percent globally and thirty seven percent in Asia, tubal factors thirty two percent globally and in Asia. Along with this untreated reproductive tract infections like including pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted diseases, gonorrhoea and repeated abortions are also known to have caused infertility. Even though these are identifiable factors, no causes can could be identified among one third of female partners visiting the clinics.
Among males, the commonest cause of infertility was oligozoospermia (semen contains too few spermatozoa), due to infectious factors, congenital factors, endocrine disturbances, immunological factors and varicocele, or idiopathic infertility (abnormal semen analysis results without etiological factors identifiable from history or physical examination). globally fifty eight percent men seeking treatment for infertility had no identifiable cause and twenty five percent of men had abnormal semen analysis results on checking. Knowledge about men’s infertility is still limited and treatment results may prove to be unsuccessful more often.
Papreen et. al., 2000 conducted a study in Dhaka, Bangladesh among Muslim population in a slum area. The variables of the study were perceived causes of infertility, treatment-seeking for infertility and the consequences of childlessness. It was identified in the study that the leading causes were believed to be the influence of black magic and physiological deficits in women. Among men, psycho-sexual and physiological deficits in men.


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