Ida B

Ida B

Ida B. Wells was an African American journalist, civil rights activist and a sociologist. Ida influenced change on how women and other African Americans were treated. In 1889, Ida became a part-owner of a Memphis newspaper called “the Free Speech and Headlight”. Ida was motivated to write about how blacks and whites we segregated and how women were treated so badly. Ida actually constructed the first suffrage club for black women in the state of Illinois. I think that Ida B Wells deserves multiple awards for helping people survive and have a better lifestyle. Ida caused people to be treated with a little more respect and earned the rights of Women and African Americans in America. I think she really changed the future because now I, as a female,have the right to vote and am treated with respect in my country. Ida B Wells showed that you should fight for what you want and believe in.


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