I draw my leadership inspiration from the famous words of statesmen Theodore Roosevelt which reads “do what you can

I draw my leadership inspiration from the famous words of statesmen Theodore Roosevelt which reads “do what you can

I draw my leadership inspiration from the famous words of statesmen Theodore Roosevelt which reads “do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” According to my interpretation, this quote relates to all walks of life because it translates that you do not have to be the most spectacular or most famous pupil to make a difference. I might have limited resources, but I possess far much greater resources of work ethic, humility, cultural intelligence and versatility and these abilities can further be developed by putting in the time. Achieving food security is at the forefront of Botswana’s agriculture and food security mandate despite the many challenges faced by the government. I believe if I can do what I can, with what I have, where I am and others do the same, great changes can be made to achieve food security in Botswana.
Growing up, agriculture has been a significant part of my life, my experiences in the farm are invaluable because I got the privilege to experience agriculture at first hand and learn about it from my family. I believe my upbringing plays an important role in my passion to become more involved in agriculture as I understand the role it plays in our world. In my home country Botswana the industry remains largely underutilized, besides the several obstacles that hamper rapid economic, low participation of youth and women concerns me the most. Change begins with me and I choose not to rely on someone else to provide me with development opportunities. When weighing career options many youth tend to shy away from agriculture. For this reason I have made it my job to educate and encourage change of attitude towards agriculture.

It has been a year since I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. I have since moved to my family’s farm and I am currently assisting with the farming business, even though it is not on a large scale. However, all too often the society looks down on people who are involved in agriculture as less skilled, less keen and less driven and I am passionate about bridging the disconnect between the community and agriculture by leading by example. At my home village in the Barolong Farms, I have made an effort to educate and encourage the young minds to have an interest in farming. On weekends I invite children from the village to our family’s farm and engage them in a hands-on experience such as teaching them to plant seeds in small areas of the farm and allowing them to be in charge of their plants so they can monitor growth. I also reach out to other families to give the youngsters exposure to other different types of agriculture out there. Through the collaboration with other village farmers I have created an alliance with the community members which has proven to be helpful in efforts to interest the younger generation in the field as more kids show up to the invite.
Being awarded the scholarship will help me head for a great future supplemented with an enriching education. The Chevening network comprises of individuals from developed and developing countries who excel in their different fields and being affiliated to this network will enable me to be a better leader daring to influence change in my surroundings and beyond. Having to study in the UK will provide me with an opportunity to experience the different leadership and business styles and help me become an all rounded leader.

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