i this obligitory paper required after like

i this obligitory paper required after like

i don’t have a paper today, but Id gladly pay tommorrow for a hamburger today! What do I have to do? Just sit here and type until I reach some quota or something? I’ll gladly share a paper, but I’m not near a paper right now.

As soon as I am near a paper I will definitely share it. I dunno, should I ramble about Nietsche or Marxism? How about a cost-benefit analysis of various fuel types and their environmental affectors? Okay, it seems that I’m gonna have to type at least 250 words in this Devil inspired box in order to successfully login to this site. Hey administrator…How about making this obligitory paper required after like two successful downloads or something? It seems it would be easier than having to accept bullshit like this as a paper, and then filtering it out later.

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I think you would get better papers the first time! I promise I will post a paper if I’m ever allowed into your site!?!I could have sworn I had typed at least 250 words by now, but it (the Filtering Agent) will still not let me in. Is this a moral issue? Does the computer realize that I am not living up to my potential or what? What if my paper really was written about the injustices of having to submit a bullshit paper just to login to oppapers.com? Would God allow this paper to be submitted? Oh how I must be worthy of thee. Thank the gods!! I am in!Words/ Pages : 271 / 24

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