In cattle have been killed. The rice output

In cattle have been killed. The rice output

In Nepal hunger is happing because of heavy monsoon rains. The heavy rain has been going on sense mid-June.

It has caused serious flooding in most parts of the country killing at least 113 people. It has displaced more then 7,000 households in 62 districts. About 1,160 hectares of crops have been reported to have been destroyed from the rain and more then 300 cattle have been killed.Also in Bangladesh heavy monsoon rains have done damage. The rain started in the second decayed of July caused extensive flooding in 37 of the 64 districts. Most rivers rose above danger level.

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In August most of the country continued to receive above normal rain. The floods resulted in loss of life and damage to property. The death pole has reported more then 370 people dead and 25 million people are reported to have been affected by the floods. Over 6,600 heads of cattle have been killed. The rice output of 1.9 million tonnes is now at 1.

6 million tonnes. The Aman was delayed because of the flooding. Reports have shown that a total of 760,000 hectares of farmland have been affected with nearly 425,000 hectares of rice and other crops destroyed. The damage to farm produce is provisionally estimated at around US $ 150 million dollars. I think that this problem is really sad. I mean there must be millions of people going to bed hungry every night or not having anywhere to sleep. The US is trying to help by sending food and money over to them.

We can help by rasing money and we can also help by teaching them the things we know that they don’t know about farming. There are lots of ways we can help these countries. One dollar can buy a family food. When I think of it I feel real sad because what if it was me out there with no food or no place to live. I think that the US should try to help out as much as they can but should also help people in our country to.I think someday that there will be less homeless and less hungry if we keep doing what we are to help out.

If we do not help the other countries with there hunger problems I think that there would be more deaths then there are today of hunger which would be real sad. I hope that someday there will be no hunger problem. But that cant happen when the cost of living is so high everywhere. The problem in Nepal is caused because of mother nature. We cant prevent it so we cant help in that part but there’s lots of other ways that we can help.Bibliography:

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