Human Resources o Responsible for the recruitment

Human Resources o Responsible for the recruitment

Human Resources
o Responsible for the recruitment, selection and retention of staff. ? Arranging the on-boarding process, induction of staff and providing information on conditions of service, duties and responsibilities, compensation, working conditions, benefits, salaries and promotional opportunities. ? Providing appropriate training and development programs where necessary. ? Responsible for pre-screening and conducing background investigations (work history, contacting the applicants’ referees, KSAs, etc.). ? Assist in the recruitment process by conducting first and second stage interviews. o Conduct exit interviews and ensure that necessary employment termination paperwork is completed. o Build positive workplace relationships with allocated team including setting and monitoring of performance standards and behavioural standards, building a high performance team, and managing performance and disciplinary matters. o Direct and manage teams to achieve the organisations targets, due dates and quality standards ensuring that results meet the required business priorities and customer’s expectations. o Track rosters, on time performance, safety and deliverables against benchmarks and standards of performance. o Identify opportunities for continuous improvement and greater collaboration and implement plans to effectively address these areas and resolve issues.
Work Cover and Injury Management
o Take accountability for incident investigations within the area of responsibility and conduct timely, complete, detailed and factual investigation reports. o Ensure reimbursements are submitted on a fortnightly basis. o Arrange return to work plans and appointments with medical professionals. o Monitor injury records to ensure risk assessments are conducted as required. o Ensure all operational activities are compliant with relevant industrial instruments, safety management systems, company procedures and legislative/statutory obligations.

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o Ensure that employees have up to date training and competency and clear, current and measurable goals and objectives aligned to the operating plan and business targets. o Maintain adequate stock of all required training materials to meet course frequency and demands.


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