However, startups are assorted and complicated in nature, these entities have their lifecycle. the entrepreneur himself/herself initiates a set of things to do to flip his/her idea into a worthwhile business. However, he/she considers a greater danger or even uncertainty level, continues working on the new project idea, makes a team, makes use of non-public funds, and asks family individuals and friends for their funding in the idea. Bootstrapping, which is sometimes defined as especially innovative approaches of acquiring the use of resources barring borrowing , is considered to be one of the areas of entrepreneurship lookup that most need to be addressed . The purposeof this stage is to role the mission for boom by demonstrating product feasibility, cashmanagement capability, team constructing and management, and purchaser acceptance . Moreover, angel buyers are more probable to invest in this stage. In sum, : “bootstrapping is a way of lifestyles in entrepreneurial companies”. This argument reveals the reason why most of the theories of startups are borrowed from entrepreneurship theories.


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