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The weather in Southern Ontario affects everybody in a lot of different ways, the winter has many storms because of which there is no school and during the summer there are long humid days during which everybody feels extremely tired.

But the spring and fall seasons are the greatest and most blissful of all. Whichever your preference Southern Ontario is bound to have it.During the winter Southern Ontario has extremely cold and wet weather. The days are very short and there is little sunlight making people feel miserable. There are many snowstorms during which visibility is low and this causes cars to go very slowly which in turn causes traffic jams. Some people do drive fast though and a lot of these people get into car accidents.

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Sometimes, but rarely, there is freezing rain, this causes ice to from on the roads making driving almost impossible. During these snowstorms or freezing rain storms the roads are so poor that school buses cannot travel or sometimes even start in the morning, because of the cold. Because of this school children cannot attend classes and miss school, much to their delight and not their parents, who all to often have to drive in these conditions and have problems getting baby-sitters for their kids. Many people go down South during the winter for a vacation and they love the weather down there and claim they cant wait till they go again the next year, yet when the same weather comes to Southern Ontario during the summer months, almost everybody complains.During the summer in Southern Ontario the weather is the exact opposite that of the winter. The days are long, humid, and hot. During these days people feel lazy and dont want to work much.

Almost all the people who didn’t take their entire holiday during the winter to go down South take the rest of it ,or even all of it if they didnt go anywhere during the winter, during the summer. These people travel all over Ontario during this time, creating may traffic jams and therefor a lot of pollution. This pollution builds up causing smog warnings, encouraging people who dont have to go outside to stay in doors. Leaving kids time to play outside only during the spring and fall seasons.Spring is the most amazing time in Southern Ontario, all the flowers are blooming, the leaves on the trees are growing bright and green and the grass is starting to grow. The kids have plenty of time to play in the beautiful weather, and have a grand time. It sometimes rains during the Spring, but the rain is soft, gentle and swift.

It passes quickly refreshing and cleaning everything, leaving it smelling beautifully. During the fall on the other hand all the flowers have bloomed long ago and have lost their peddles, the leaves on the trees are turning beautiful gold and red colors and the grass has stopped to grow. The kids have plenty of time of time to play outside after a hot, humid summer. When it rains during the fall it pours, the rain is heavy and long drenching everything and everybody from head to toe.The winter and summer seasons are two extreme opposites of each other.

The winter is cold and wet, with large snowfalls and freezing rain. While the summer is hot and humid, during which everybody is lazy and doesn’t want to work, during the winter on the other hand people want to work buy often cannot get to work. Leaving the most beautiful seasons of the year the spring and fall seasons during which life is peaceful and full of enjoyment.

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