How to communicate with the opposite sex

How to communicate with the opposite sex

How to communicate with the opposite sex?
There are specific behaviour patterns and exact differences between men and women that are widely noticed in the way they communicate each other. The system of communication that has each gender it usually generates problems in their relationships. Why is so hard to communicate with the opposite sex? How we should communicate with females/males?
All the misunderstandings begin due to we did not have previous experiences talking to the opposite sex. As children, we concentrate on having the same gender friendships. Women, or little girls, tell secrets, open up about experiences, feelings, and problems and that is how they make friendships, which are based on connecting in an emotional sense. Whilst men or little boys spend time together, playing and making jokes. Their friendship is in the same way strong and deep, but is quite different from women. Is in the puberty when we finally talk to the other sex and noticed how complicated is. As we grow up, we should develop our communication skills in order to not have future problems with our couples.

Women need to share their feelings and problems with the people they love the most. Generally, when a woman is upset, she not only uses generalities, but also her words are loaded of dramatic language, which is misinterpreted by her couple. Besides, women are not looking for practical solutions given by men; instead they are trying to connect with their feelings whilst talking to. They are looking for empathy, compassion, and sensitivity.

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In the other hand, when men have issues, they do not want to talk about them. They want to be in silence, alone in their own space thinking how to solve their dilemma by themselves. When their couples try to give them advices, they feel women don’t trust in them enough their going to make it. Moreover, when women talk about upset feelings, men mistakenly assumes she is blaming him and making him responsible. in that case, is a good option to use “it is not your fault” in that manner the man will not feel blamed about her upset feelings.

In conclusion, every relationship has its own battles and difficulties that couples have to affront. The best way to do it is by good communication, which requires participation on both sides, respecting differences understanding each other’s needs, and being supportive that guarantee the quality of communication maintaining dialogue and living in harmony. I strongly believe that all relationships have to feed up with communication.


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