Sometimes you arelike every other boy. Everyone

Sometimes you arelike every other boy. Everyone

Sometimes girls and boys seem to avoid the company of one another,but finally everyone find something common in each other and fall in loveat least once. Actually You are just afraid of making serious relationship,because You do not know what the girl thinks and feels about you. Ingeneral the first time is always more complex. The men are so confusedabout what women think about them that it can create some obsessions.It can lower Your self-esteem.

Do not let it happen! Despite of thedifficulties it is exciting and anxious process. It will be hard to getsomeone’s love. In return You will feel like a bird flying, everything willsing around and your heart will jump inside when You see that You havetaken a liking to her.

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How do You see that!? She will smile, laugh afterevery your silly joke and hesitate to look into your eyes. If she will not,she is not fallen in love. Let’s imagine the calling to someone for the firstdate. Probably you are nervous and afraid of her refusal.

Who makes thefirst step have to be brave and known that everybody have to do it someday. You have to know the Estonian proverb, The brave beginning is ahalf of victory. For Your better feeling You may invent some reason forcalling.

For example ask something about a homework, but do not seemto her as a foolish. First of all you have to insist in your mind that you arelike every other boy. Everyone have something interesting and attractivewhich can put the girls to lose their heads. Perhaps You are funnyspeaker or good listener. In the last case You have to give manyquestions to get her meet with You.

You have to realize your best sides ofcharacter and use them in calling. Do not be selfish, at least in the firsttime. Next, You have to be prepared to lose – do not except your failureand do not give up after it. People are learning from mistakes. Now let’sgo to call. Oh, Your voice and the style of communicating have to besomething different from talking with friends! Do not use a foul language.First of all You have to be very polite in communicating with her parentsin the case they take a phone.

You could introduce yourself and ask forher with the official and calm voice, Good afternoon, I am Bobby Doltand I would like to speak with Ann Smith. Is she home at home now?.You have a time to relax and forget about all Your weaknesses. NowShe probably comes. It will be better if You create the image of ladies’man and chatty boy and mix their a little bit sexual appetite.

But do notoverstrain with that stuff. Now she is saying, Helllooo and You willshow the manliness and other skills You have learned. Your voice mustbe soft, easygoing, but dynamic. It means not boring. Hey, If You feelyourself in a right way forget about Your homework! Let Your inspirationto fly. Do not disturb her for a few hours.

Be in short. You just have toinvite her somewhere. Please do not make some terrible noises like in carcrush or the water falling in bathroom. In the case You cannot existwithout them You can sing like birds do.

Do not say her such things like,What the hell are You doing their? Or What a horrible voice You haveby phone!. I remain You that You had a goal to create some friendship.Follow my advises and You can get Cindy Crawford to Your callers. IfYou are good reader and smart boy You have to go through it and Youmight see her next time in the theater, cinema or night club.

You will bewell done if during the next meeting she will be merry and kind with You.Your relationships depend mostly on Your communication in the first fewweeks. It does not mean that later You can turn into a rude imp.

Actuallyall people have to relate toward each other in a polite manner and do nothold anger in their hearts. Always take a stand to others like You wantthem to attitude toward You. Psychology Essays

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