Every guidance to the mentee.Counseling like coaching clients

Every guidance to the mentee.Counseling like coaching clients

Every person born on this earth is unique and there is diversity among people. The individual difference is a specialty and this contributes towards the development of self and others.

There are different factors that affect the development of individuals. Micro factors such as family, teachers, neighbors, etc. macro influences like law, Custom, Economy, Culture, etc. Due to these factors people face problems and challenges in life.

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All do not have the capacity to adjust and adapt to situation. In such situations people need help, advice and support to find solutions.In order, to identify their innate potentials, find options and to overcome problems and face the challenges courageously people need coaching, mentoring and counseling are necessary for the well being of the people. Every individual would need these at some point of life. Every individual would need these at some point of life. Coaching is a process of influencing, supporting, persuading stimulating and directing an individual to bring out his/her innate potentials identify the strength and weaknesses, find options, to work towards the goal to achieve success and obtain the maximum benefit.Through coaching one grows personally and professionally.

Even though mentoring and counseling help towards the well-being of humans. These two differ from coaching. Mentoring focuses on carrier and development this can be done by senior to junior by guiding the individual passing on knowledge, skills, and experience (parents, friends, and teachers). There is difference between coaching and mentoring, in coaching the individual is encourage, motivated and guided to come up with his or her solutions, In mentoring mentor often gives advice and guidance to the mentee.Counseling like coaching clients talk about their issues, the main difference is counseling deals primarily with helping people overcome problems whereas coaching is concerned with enhancing Performance. Coaching might be seen as solution focused and action oriented, while counseling is more meaning based, coaching addressed aspirations, objectives, and tasks, while counseling focuses more on feelings, coaching tends to be more structured wile counseling can have a more free – form approach coaching put greater emphasis on gaining clarity about what people want and how to achieve it.

In this modern era there is a great competition in the business world to out shine and be ahead of others, organizations want to make the maximum use of resources available find innovative methods, use different strategies, minimize expenditure to get the best out of all the people who come under the organization. hat it is today will not be the same tomorrow changes are taking place, and all organizations cannot adjust and adapt themselves to the changes this is where coaching is needed to develop a positive attitude and enhance the performance individually and collectively. In conclusion I would say that coaching is more beneficial than mentoring and counseling because a large number of people work in organizations all people do not need mentoring and counseling, coaching helps an individual and groups to overcome the challenges to achieve their target.

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