Information attention to specific details. We also

Information attention to specific details. We also

Information DesignConcept Document Project Summary: Hostcover is a reputable company looking to expand its reach on the World Wide Web by producing a multi-faceted website which will provide innovative hosting and design solutions for todays market.

Our intent for this project is to bring our services to users surfing the internet who need an informed technical support team. with the capacity to instruct new users on software installation and general software use as well as any consumer searching for a company with experience in developing tools and programs to respond to changes in technology and business standards. who can also provide expedient and reliable service. By incorporating new media with the existing content we will develop a site to meet the needs presented to us by current users.

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We also hope to raise the level of personal service by emphasizing on establishing and sustaining long-term relationships with our customers.Goal: To create an interface that will not only attract prospective clients, but also solve previous problems with the layout and navigation. Media Attributes: Live troubleshooting chats Interactive tutorials Dynamic advertisements (animation) Shopping cart/Secure server transactions Repeat- customer and membership/settings Business referral database Informational graphicsTarget Demographic: Our audience will be business owners with needs for a website to promote their companies or products. We will also target general consumers in need of comprehensive hosting plans and design services.

These customers will require long-term service. Versatility will be a key part of the interface, allowing for cross platform usage and customizations tailored specifically for each individual user. Marketing Strategy: We will continue with our clients already established identity by using their logo along with a palette of subdued blues and yellow accents to draw attention to specific details. We also plan to implement simplified navigation and controls by reorganizing the site using tables, several drop-down menus, as well as a static menu.

We hope to present users with a new site that will reinforce the concept of functional design and ensure every professional and casual customer that ease of use and efficient service are a part of the package.Project Focal Point: online technical support and domain sales, straightforward/ user-friendly design.

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