More civilservant, just as he had been.

More civilservant, just as he had been.

More than twelve million people were killed inconcentration camps, six million were Jewish. All of thesehorrifying events were consequences of the evening, April20, 1889, when the one man responsible for all of this wasborn.Adolf Hitler was born into a loving family of smallfarmers and craftsmen. He had one half-sister, Angela, andone half-brother, Alois, Jr. Hitler’s mother loved him verymuch and anyone could tell, because she showered him withaffection.

In his early school years, Adolf was a truly good student. He even took singing lessons and sang in the choir at aBenedictine monastery. He found the church festivalsfascinating. His enthusiasm for the church soon began tofade, though. As his teen years approached, he began torebel against the church and the career plans that his fatherhad made. These plans were for him to become a civilservant, just as he had been.

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Hitler loved art and wanted tobecome a painter. He refused to go by his father’s plans. This was just one thing that him and his father did not getalong about. There really wasn’t much they did agree on. Sometimes Alois criticized and even struck his son. Although they didn’t get along very well, Adolf wasdevastated at his father’s death when he was a merelythirteen years old. He even cried when he saw his bodylaying in the casket.

Hitler was devoted to his mother and loved her deeply. She was very kind to him and encouraged to be an artist, orwhatever else he decided to be. He even thought of himselfas his mother’s darling, and he carried her picture with himeverywhere he went.In 1905, Hitler visited the country where he would laterbecome dictator.

While he was there, as a pale and sicklylooking teenager, he stuck everyone as a shy and reservedyoung man. After that, he spent a few months studying,drawing in Munich, Germany.In October of 1907, he moved to Vienna, planning tostudy art. He applied to the Academy of Fine Arts Academy,but got rejected. The next year, in December, his belovedmother, Klara passed away.

Later that year, he appliedagain for the art academy, but got rejected again.In the month of October, 1914, World War One brokeout and Hitler joined the Bovarian Army. Hitler felt he neededto defend Germany, his adopted country. On August 4,1918, Hitler was awarded the Iron Cross, First Class forbravery. Then, on June28, 1919, Germany signed the Treatyof Versailles, ending WW1.Several years later , in 1942, Hitler and his armyshattered many lives by capturing and killing the inferiorraces the slowest and most painful ways possible.

Theinferior races, according to him were all Jewish people, theterminally ill, the physically and mentally handicapped, andanyone not of German descent. Hitler was a horrible and sickman, who brought on tough times for all people. Manypeople agree that it was very hard to speak up and if you did,you would get killed. Hitler even had doctors testing to findthe most painful and horrible deaths on people.

Hitler had a great relationship with his mother, but heand his father argued most of time. His father even beat himon occasion. Hitler was a scrawny and sickly looking boywho only had only one friend. He had gotten rejected fromart school twice. All of this made him feel that he had nopurpose in the world. Doing these horrible things probablymade him think that he was making people feel the sameway he felt all of those years and for a small amount of time,made him feel better about himself.I think that the German people were willing to follow andbelieve Hitler, because they had been through some roughtimes and would believe anyone who said that they couldgive them jobs and raise their income.

They also wanted tohear that they were the best and when he said this, he wonmany Germans over.History Essays

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