The their children or husbands.Cooking and preparation was

The their children or husbands.Cooking and preparation was

The role of women in ancient Rome was greatly under estimated.Mainly because women did not have the option of taking up high powered positions.Gradually women became involved in arts and craft and gained knowledge to advise their husband about politics and business.

Jobs that women had consisted of midwives,nurses,hairdressers or just to help their husbands (if they had one) with his daily work.This work could be labour or just help with business.How ever these jobs were only open to plebian women because patrician women were to superior to work.

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The role that most roman women played was simply a house wife.This was mainly because they did not have the opportunity to do much else.If they were plebeian they would have to look after the children but if the were patrician they would most likely have some sort of nanny.Another role that all Ancient Roman women would have played at some stage is a cook.

As it was not proper for men to cook or do house work as they were supposed to work.The women would cook or prepare all three meals(Breakfest,Lunch,Dinner)for their children or husbands.Cooking and preparation was taught to all girls at some stage as they would all have families of their own one day.Women would take up jobs such as hairdressers because they had great knowledge in the art of hair design.

The styles that were so to speak trendy were extremely complex and exquisite which to a lot of skill took Some looked like the hair styles that princess Laya was so famous for in star wars.They consist of detailed plates and braids and occasionally different colours.Women had many roles in Ancient Roman Society simply as being house wives,getting jobs,advising husbands and to look after their family.They all may seam insignificant but they were essential for the development of a culture an society.

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