Himaben Patel Esther Guenat English 1301-1005 June 27

Himaben Patel Esther Guenat English 1301-1005 June 27

Himaben Patel
Esther Guenat
English 1301-1005
June 27, 2018
American education versus Indian education
The education system has been a controversial issue among educators for a while, issues regarding standardized testing, requirements etc. The educators have chosen a general education system that they think is the best fit for everyone. Generalizing all the students into one education system limits the students on their creativity and their abilities. In addition, the students have to go through the heavy burdens of big textbooks, loads of homework, projects etc and somehow manage to be an A+ student but doesn’t all work and no play make jack a dull boy? Why can’t a student finish school without the burden of costs? Why are the standards so different? This essay will analyze the American education compared to the Indian education based on cost, burden and standards.
Primary education is more efficient to acquire in the America rather than in India due to the lower primary education cost. The rising cost of education in the India has shaken the world and been a hot topic for ages. The Indian primary education focuses mainly on the costs rather than student’s future. On the contrary, the American primary education deeply focuses on the student’s future more than the costs. The American education is same for all, so every student gets equal opportunity and chance to develop themselves.
However, after coming out of the expenses, students face the education burden is higher in the India than in the America. For the students in the India, existence is full of lugging heavy backpacks stuffed with volumes, disbursing hours and hours at school within tiny time periods and the space between recess to play, tuitions after the school, shadowed by the hours for homework. Everyone should see the grueling schedule that has achieved. In contrast, American education holds a different scenario, the things are totally reversed. Students in America have a specific time schedule for school with no books in hands and no burden on heads. Students study through the internet via Chromebooks, ipads, and e-classroom. Learner can easily focus on their career through their easy way of education with no millstone.
Besides, cost and burden, the American education standards are higher compared to the Indian education standards. The education system in the United States is all about learning, understanding concepts and topics, preparing children to explore, about learning the theories not only using books but also by practically performing, not merely about academic competitiveness, not about the kids to stress on writing tests, but rather focuses on small studies and more day to day experimental evaluation of the student. Whereas, the Indian education standards focus on the memorization of study materials, focuses on academic performance, giving uttermost respect for teachers and scoring in final exams, which the students need but in less extent. Hands-on students in the America are prepared for their future jobs at the early age, while students in the India are trained for their jobs at the time of internships. The aim of education should be more focused on career development which the American education follows in much attentive manner.
In conclusion, the cost, the burden, and the standards make the American education better to study. First, the system has low cost and the burden is minimal. In addition, the American education offers a variety of opportunities to find jobs due to the high standards provided making lives of the students easier.


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