Higlights: boy. She tells them about how they

Higlights: boy. She tells them about how they

Higlights: The South American man, Carlos, sits beside the man followed then by an American boy and girl. Carlos makes a beat with the American boy that his lighter can’t light ten times in a row. If the boy loses he loses his little finger on his left hand; if he wins he gets a car. They go back to the hotel room and Carlos ties up the boys arm. The boy starts lighting the lighter. They get to eight and a woman comes through the door and tackles Carlos to the bed and apologizes to the boy.

She tells them about how they had to leave the last place they lived in because he took forty-seven fingers and lost eleven cars. She said the car was hers and it took her a while. When she reached for the keys she only had one finger and a thumb.

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Major Themes: 1. Gambling is a dangerous: •Example 1: The American boy bet with Carlos. He bet his little finger and Carlos bet a car. If he gets his finger chopped off they have to rush him to the hospital in the car he didn’t win. Example 2: Carlos had to leave his country because people were threatening to get him in trouble. The woman said.

“Down where we live at home he has taken altogether forty-seven fingers from different people, and he has lost eleven cars. In the end they threatened to have him put away somewhere. That’s why I brought him up here. ” 2. Major loss: •Example 1: The woman with Carlos. She lost almost all her fingers betting with him.

•Example 2: Carlos has nothing left. He lost everything to the woman.

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