Happiness makes the world a better place

Happiness makes the world a better place

Happiness Makes the World HappierHow do you feel when you see a beautiful sunshine? I feel happy and seem to give my happy energy to others with smiles’ responses. Smiling is great for the sole and can make a sad person become briefly happy. Happiness is what people strive for in their daily lives. It also makes the world a better place since everyone is happier and looks for positive things instead of negative. Now we will look at a few different way’s of how happiness affects our lives. First happiness affects the way we all see ourselves.

A happy person is usually looking for things he/she can do for others. They may help others raking their yard, getting them some extra food, or even baby-sitting a neighbor’s sick children. A happy person needs to have someone to talk to about the weather or daily lives so they do not get to overwhelmed with anything. To kept themselves in good humor, they usually have some time set aside for themselves with minimum interrupts.

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Time for yourself keeps a person from getting to burned out on all of their activities they maybe involved in on their spare time. A happy needs private time for themselves every day. Second job satiation needed on any type of job. For you to do a successful job at your workplace, your joyfulness must be shown daily.

You must also enjoy what ever type of job you work for, even if only a waitress or a dishwasher to get anything out of it. Your boss and other co-workers can tell if you hate or enjoy whatever job you do. The biggest hint is unsatisfied people complain a lot and may miss work frequently; therefore people who enjoy it are there 95% of the time and usually progress rapidly on their work.

This becomes a win-win situation for both the employer and employee. The employee workplace success is based on employee’s involvement of all the others together and offering new suggestions for more efficient procedures. Workplace success is grounded on the harmony of the employees and the positive interaction with the public. Third happiness must be found in every individual’s self. No single person can be happy if they do not like themselves first. A person’s self-esteem is made up of many factors including; how they view themselves, how they were brought up, and if they were ever encouraged to try new things.

Many studies have shown that people who view themselves well, will end up with more friends and not be afraid to try new things. This points back that happy people tend to be able to look for the good things in a person. They also are to be good listeners to anyone with a problem that needs someone to talk to for advice. A person must find happiness within themselves before helping others. Finally, happiness is an item that is needed more in our society; since we are killing ourselves and others at an alarming rate. We as a world needs to have stronger faith in our selves and others to come together for a better world.

Americans especially need to look at our heavenly job environments compared to our many countries in the world. Most Americans have not seen how some of our distance neighbors treat their people, especially their children. Just remember that happiness will be found all around us and the greatest in ourselves.

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