GROW represents four stages in the coaching conversation

GROW represents four stages in the coaching conversation

GROW represents four stages in the coaching conversation:


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What do you want? Establish what the coachee wants to achieve. Agree a topic, objective, and, if possible, set long term aims. By identifying this at the start of the coaching session helps the coach and coachee a sense of purpose. Therefore, encourages conversation instead chitchat.


What happens now? This is the next stage and is all about where the coachee is in relation to reaching their goal for example what do they need to reach their goal, what skills have they got the reach their goal? What do they need to reach their goal? This is an opportunity for the coach to help the coachee build awareness of their current strengths and develop confidence.


What could be done? This is an opportunity for the coachee to consider a full range of options and for the coach to invite contributions from the coachee and to facilitate creative thinking. This stage is about helping the coachee explore the options available to them. The skill as a coach is to help the coachee to think outside the box. For example, what has worked in the past? How do others do it? What would they do if anything was possible?


What will you do? The coach is now bringing the session to a close. The coachee will have explored different options for moving forward they will be in a better position to choose the most appropriate action which will probably include obstacles and/or making plans for training and support. Actions and a criteria for success will be agreed at this stage.

I believe it is important to remember that the GROW model can be revisited at any of the stages during the process depending on the needs of the coachee. It may be that once the coachee has explored the reality their goals may change. It is a very useful framework but like any other model it is only effective if it is used correctly for example the right questions are being asked and to remember to be flexible when using it.


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