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B.E-3, Semester – 5
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Group: 28307
Sr. Name of student Enrolment. No.
1 Jay Kothari 160800107027
2 Kushwaha Mitesh 160800107031
3 Mehta Raj Vinodbhai 160800107036
(Faculty Guide)
(Head of the Department)
Group: 28307
This is to certify that the students namely, Mehta Raj Vinodbhai (160800107036), Kushwaha Miteshkumar Indrabali (160800107031), Kothari Jay Chetankumar (160800107027) has done satisfactory work in QUICK CONTACTS the course of DESIGN ENGINEERING (2130002) B.E.3rd (Computer Engineering) Semester 5 during the term May 2018 to December 2018. They have been much disciplined, hardworking and have submitted all the report of the project they has undergone.
Prof.Dhaval patel Prof.Ajaysinh rathod
(Internal guide) (Head of Department)
Group: 28307
It is always a pleasure to remind the experts in the engineering workshop for their sincere guidance which I received to hold my practical as well as theoretical skills in engineering.
I am thankful to our H.O.D, Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod and our regarding all faculties for giving me an
Opportunity to enhance my skills as an engineer by allowing us to join this esteemed organization as training.
I would also like to thank Our Internal Guide Mr. Dhaval patel who helped us in getting our project. It gives me immense pleasure in expressing our deep sense of gratitude whom our successfully complete our project in their department.
I also thankful our all supporting faculty will help to create 3rd year, DESIGN ENGINEERING project by sharing their knowledge. They helped us in all possible ways to solve our doubts regarding application and implementation of knowledge. It has been a great experience to work under their supervision as always kept my moral high.
Finally, I apologize all other unnamed who helped me in various ways to have a safe and good training.
Group: 28307
In this smart phones era most of people don’t remember phone number of their contact and phone diaries and if in case, phone missed by user or damage so in that case at that time if user need to contact someone but don’t have smartphone or phone book then he could use our quick contact service. At that situation it may possible that their are number of phones are near to user but none of the phone having that contact which user required. At that time user take any ones phone or smartphone near to him and send username and password through SMS to as. So, user get all contact which are already stored by user at our server.
Group: 28307
INDEX Chapter Title Page No 1 Introduction 7 2 AEIOU 8 2.1 Activities 2.2 Environment 2.3 Interaction 2.4 Objects 2.5 Users 8 8 9 9 9 3 Mind mapping 10 3.1 Log in /Sign up 3.2 Website Function 3.3 Requirement 3.4 How client will use 10 10 11 11 4 EMPATHY MAPPING CANVAS 12 4.1.1 Happy story 4.1.2 Happy story 4.2.1 Sad story 4.2.2 Sad story 12 12 13 13 5 Ideation canvas 13 5.1 People 5.2 Situations 5.3 Purpose 5.4 Props/Possible Solution 13 13 14 14 6 Learning Needs Canvas 15 6.1 Tools 6.2 Skill/Simulation 6.3 Design Specification 6.4 Components 15 15 15 16 7 PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CANVAS 17 7.1 Purpose 7.2 Product experience 7.3 Customer validation 7.4 Reject/Retain/Redesign 7.5 Product Components 7.6 Product Functions 7.7 product Features 17 17 18 18 18 18 18 18 8 Prototype 19 8.1 FUTURE ENHANCEMENT 19 9 Conclusion 20 10 Reference 21
Group: 28307
1. Introduction
We all have smartphone in our pocket which have lot off contacts in phone. But it may possible that user cannot remember all the phone number of his own contacts and it can possible the we get in the situation where our stop itself or phone is droped somewhere else when we are in journey or our phone is stolen by someone else, etc. And in that situation we need to contact our family members or need to contact our relatives but we don’t remember their number. So if want their number so we can use quick contact service which will provide as a feature that user can send a message to a our service which contain password ,user id and a name for which user requier a number. This message can be send from any phone near to user which can be in form of smartphone ,keypad phones ,etc. Basically first time user need to register his contact in our server and user can set an emergency number for user to send an alert message to his family and relatives. When we obtained the message we will search for number based on user id as well as password in our server and send a message to that number from which user contact to as containing required number by user. We also have different features like updating contacts from google account. Setting up priority to contact number by user. We can use this features as backup of contact for user.
Group: 28307
2.1 Activities
• People in stress
• Because of phone contact people get depressed
• Tension
• People in trouble
• Sadness on face
2.2 Environment
• When people forget phone number during travelling
• Crowdy environment at railway station
• Phone destroys at any environment
• When phone robbed
2.3 Interaction
• Messages
• Encrypted
Group: 28307
• User-id or password
• through GSM and GPS
2.4 Objects
• SIM- cables
• Google drives
• Smart phone
• Basic java program
2.5 Users
• Students
• General peoples
• Travellers
• Business man
Group: 28307
3.1 Log in /Sign up
• Fill details
• Upload contacts
• Get a unique user number and generate passwords
• Our messaging number
3.2 Website Function
• Sign Contact using google contact
• Backup/Updation
• SMS Backup
• About us/Contact us
• Can provide emergency call b setting priority
Group: 28307
3.3 Requirement
• Arduino
• ISP connection
• Secure connection
• 24*7
3.4 How client will use
• Client have the phone either keypad or smartphone of another
• Send a message to our number
• Message contains user Id and password
Group: 28307
Happy story
4.1.1 One of my friend gone out of station from bus for some work .He forget his phone on the bus and he was leaving the bus and move to the another side of road then he released that he forgot his phone on the bus.But when he saw back he released that now he was not able to find his phone back and he wanted to contact his friend but he does not remember his friends numbers.But he was regeistered his name in our app and uploaded his most requiered contact .So,he used another phone around him and obtained his friends number and contact him.
4.1.2 In my college one day I miss my bus to go home.And no other bus was near to me so that I can go to home .So I have to walk for some distance to catch S.T bus .But that will take much time for bus me. So I have to inform at my home about this. But they were not answering my call. So I have to call my friend but I don’t remember his number so as I was registered in our app I obtained my contact and called my friend to inform my family.
Group: 28307
Sad story
4.2.1 My friend driving vehicles for going in bank.But he had not taken his phone with him because he had kept his phone on charging. When he reached at bank he putted his vehicle in no parking area by mistake.And when he come out of bank he did not found his vehicle because it was taken by traffic management van(Trolling van).He does not have the phone to contact to his father or friend and he was scared with his father anger so he can contact to his friend but he did not remember his number.
4.2.2 One of person was walking on the side of road .He was anywhere about that the car with some speed is moving towards him and accidently he was smashed with the car. He was become unconscious and his phone was damaged and after checking his passport people around him finds that he was not living at here.He was from another state.After that person medically examine and he become waked up and he required to contact his friend but his phone was damaged and he also don’t remember his number.
Group: 28307
5. Ideation canvas
5.1 People
• Students
• General public
• Travellers
• Business man
• Tourist
• Engineers
5.2 Situations
• Crowdy area
• Phone lost
• Phone disable
• Phone robbed
• Accident
• Forest
• Mountain hill
Group: 28307
5.3 Purpose
• Social help
• Don’t Require to remember number of contacts
• In case of emergency
• Natural disasters
5.4 Props/Possible Solution
• Provide all contacts in one SMS
• Provide only specific alphabetic series contact
• Provide contact in any situations
• To remember less contact numbers
• To make India digital
• Provide backup of all contact numbers
Group: 28307
6. Learning Needs Canvas
6.1 Tools
• Notpad++
• Laptop
6.2 Skill/Simulation
• Mobile
• HTML Coding
6.3 Design Specification
• In form of website
Group: 28307
6.4 Components
• Domain
• Host
• Server
Group: 28307
7.1 Purpose
• Social help
• Don’t Require to remember number of contacts
• In case of emergency
• Natural disasters
7.2 Experience
• lack of user friendly environment
• Servers slows down because of traffic
• Poor network connection
• Lack of privacy
• Only single click or through SMS we can get numbers
• At any emergency situations it can helpful
Group: 28307
7.3 Customer Validation
• Maintain Privacy
• Make 24*7 service
• Improvement server efficiency
• Take precaution of privacy measures
7.4 Reject/Retain/Redesign
• Multi Languages
• To improve privacy
• Server efficiency
• Improve service
• To design easy user interface
• To also send Mms
7.5 Components
• Mobile phones
• Arduino
• Server
7.6 Product features
• Easy UI
• Any situation we can get contacts
• At once SMS we can get phone book
• 24*7 service
7.7 Product Function
• Get actual numbers
• 24*7 service
• Useful in any situation
• Phone book at one click on SMS
• Get numbers according to requirements
Group: 28307
8. Prototype
In this we give the feature to that person who install our application ,to select the any contact number as emergency contact number why because if person is injured in case of any accident then after who is near by that person it will call that emergency contact when it didn’t know about that pattern or passcode.
Another thing is if suppose person cellphone is robe and he/she is don’t remember any number then he/she only send message to our registered contact number the our organization will send whole phone of that person.
Group: 28307
9. Conclusion
The project “QUICK CONTACTS” has been successfully documented. During documentation of this project, it was an interesting intellectual challenge and it gave us direct experience to make an application/website for education representatives. And from this project we also get the knowledge about languages, commands, etc. about website.We understand the server side programming that how the server receive the request and what should do proceed that request in particular time.We also learnt that how to generate the request from the message and again send it in form of message using isp service.From using this feature we did not need to fear about remembering the contact.We have backup of contacts also.We can 24*7 service.
Group: 28307
10. Reference


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