Hawk Technical Description……. 3IV. Illustrations … … …4A.

Hawk Technical Description……. 3IV. Illustrations … … …4A.

Hawk Electronics12720 Gateway Drive Suite 100Seattle, WA 98168February 1,1999Circuit City9440 Main St.Seattle, WA 98140Dear Sir or Madam:Thank you for your most recent request for information about our company and it’s products. Our company was founded by Chris Griffith in 1974.

Primarily for the U.S. military, doing top secret research and development.

Our first consumer product is the Easy Finder Remote Control.I am very excited about our new product. We are targeting a nation wide release date of June 1st, 1999. Our new remote will have many user friendly features such as: code learn, sound activated locator, and an illuminated keypad.

With code learn, you point your current remote at the base of the easy finder and it learns the code for your TV, VCR or cable box. The sound activated locator, responds to a snap of the fingers. Upon activation a loud 80 decibel piezo horn “BEEPS”, and a super bright LED flashes for visual confirmation in locating the remote. An illuminated keypad keeps you from fumbling with buttons in the dark by lighting up the keys with color coded lights.Please look over enclosed material.

We will start taking orders on May 1st 1999. Release date is set for June 1st 1999. I’m looking forward to doing business with you in the near future.Sincerely,Chris GriffithPresident, Hawk ElectronicsTable of ContentsI.Cover Letter..


…1A. Purpose .



Problem ….



.2A. Solution…



Technical Description…….

3IV. Illustrations …

…4A. Remote Technical Description …

..4B. Operating Instructions.


Executive Summary …..

..6VI. Conclusion.



INTRODUCTIONA. PURPOSEThis is a proposal to sell the new Easy Finder Remote Control to Circuit City, Seattle, Washington. The purpose of our product is to save the public from hours of wasted time searching for the remote control.B. PROBLEMSince Television, VCR, and other entertainment devices started offering the luxury of remote control, people have been losing them.

Since then we’ve all been stuck with the task of trying to find them. Also many people have found it difficult to use a remote in the dark or low lit areas, such as bedrooms or bars. V. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYPeople often misplace things like T.V.

and VCR remote controls, and often spend valuable time looking for them. Here at Hawks Incorporated, we feel there is something we can do about it. By installing a sound activated locator, and a lighted display panel, we’ve found the answer to locating your remote. In doing this we feel you’ll save time, money, relieve at least a little of that every day stress.III. PROPOSALA.

SOLUTIONThe people at Hawks Electronics have found a solution for lost remote.Hawk Electronics, a leader in military cutting edge technology, now offers the public our new Easy Finder. Using state of the art electronics, the Easy Finder responds to the snap of your fingers. It then emits a loud 80 decibel “BEEP”for quick and easy location. It also has a super bright LED for visual location.

We’ve also added a illuminated key pad to keep from fumbling with buttons in those low lit areas.B. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTIONThe Easy Finder is fully functional, programable, sound activated learning remote. It has a sound activated chip that sounds an audible chirp at the tone of a finger snap.

Letting you easily find the remote.VI. ConclusionThis is a user friendly easy to operate remote control. The code learn feature makes coding simple. The locating beep is loud enough to be heard over house noise.

Making the easy finder the only clear choice.

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