http://www.entergy. and expectations of both teachers and students.It

http://www.entergy. and expectations of both teachers and students.It


com/contributionsWe are in the midst of an explosion of multimedia digital technology throughout the country. Technology can provide a new and innovative way of learning and enhancing what is learned. It has an affect on what needs to be taught, how it can be taught, how classrooms are organized and managed, and the roles and expectations of both teachers and students.It is the school’s ultimate responsibility to create a learning environment that is challenging to all in regards to available technology.

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Through proper planning and training, and acquiring new, innovative and up – to – date equipment, this responsibility to our community and its children can be met.Rosepine Elementary is located in Rosepine, Louisiana. It is a very small but flourishing country town located between DeRidder ; Leesville Louisiana. There are 543 students in the elementary that houses grades Preschool – 6th grade.

The class breakdown is as follows: 1 Head Start (19 students), 2 Non – Categorical Special Education (27),4 Kindergarten (72 students), 3 – 1st grade ( 59 students), 3 – 2nd grade (62 students), 4 – 3rd grade (74 students), 3 – 4th grade (76 students), 3 – 5th grade (81 students),3 – 6th grade (73 students). Of these students, there are: 482 white, 21 black, 16 Hispanic, 13 Native American, and 11 Asian.The purpose of this project is to attempt to provide the children of Rosepine Elementary with the best possible technology education as is possible. The school and teachers are dedicated to creating learning enhancement through the use of technology. This will increase enthusiasm which in turn will increase overall reading, writing and study skills.

This will be a new, interesting and innovative approach to the curriculum.There will be 3 different evaluations conducted. Surveys will be given to teachers, student and also parents at the beginning and at the end of the school year. This survey will be conducted to show pupil progression.Bibliography:

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