How does the organizational structure

How does the organizational structure

1. How does the organizational structure in Figure 7. 9 reflect Deming’s view of the production system? ?Total quality approach to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. ?Improve process of selection of franchisee over time to ensure smooth and successful startup.

?Using newsoftware package to evaluate market potential. ?Computer aided design help to reduce cycle time. ?Quality and Price areselectionsfor suppliers.

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?Franchiseetraining to ensure smooth start up. ?Employee cross training can provide internal employees toperform each function. ?Cross function role for employees to create flexibility and multitasking environment.

Suppliers seek local companies and educate them in their business needs and practices. ?Regular meeting with franchisees and suppliers on operation and business to understand their needs. 2.

As a small, privately held company, Gold Star is relatively new at applying total quality management approaches to its process management. Based on the information provided here, what suggestions might you provide in the process design, control, and improvement as a company matures in its journey to total quality? ?To Decrease the response time after submit fully completed franchise application which currently 15 days. There is not enough quality control process for product which served to customer at restaurant. ?For current franchising process using value stream mapping to remove the non-value added steps a.

Combine Step 2 and step 3 which should be considered as one step. b. Step 4 should be removed because there is no value included. c. Step 7 should not include in the process because Gold Star should have identified the location before open the new franchisee. d.

Step 11 should be removed because the opening plan should be a standard process for anyfranchisee

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