WC821 true believer that everything happens for a

WC821 true believer that everything happens for a

WC821 September 2010 Final Paragraph Going Home It’s hard for an adult to move back in with their parents after being gone for so long. That is the situation I find myself in at this moment in my life. After being terminated from my job in July I found myself in a difficult situation. My father also found himself in a difficult situation; He was diagnosed with prostate cancer along with debilitating arthritis of the joints, which makes it very difficult for him to get around.

He needed physical help and I needed monetary help, so we decided the best way to help each other out is to become roommates.I moved out of the house that I was in the process of purchasing, and moved all of my son Jalen and my belongings to what old folks call the “HOMEPLACE”. The transition has been quite an adjustment on all parties involved (jalen, my dad, and myself). For example, my son had to transfer from Garner Senior High School in Wake county, leaving all the friends he had just made, to Harnett Central High School in Harnett county, a new school where he only knew one person, his cousin Tyler. I would be giving up my privacy, something that I totally relished in.

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My dad would also be relinquishing his privacy.I would now have to be the caregiver for not only my son, but my dad also. Even though I’m not working, it is a full time job taking care of my dad, my son, and going to school full time. There are doctor’s appointments, trips to see friends he hasn’t seen, and everyday errands to be ran. With my son, there are trips to see his old friends from garner, doctor’s appointments, sporting activities, and trips to the DMV. As you see, there is no time for Tanya! But I keep on keeping on.

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason, you just have to make the best of the situation God has put you in.

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