Cinematic close combat, Mechagodzilla is equipped with a

Cinematic close combat, Mechagodzilla is equipped with a

Cinematic scholars have argued for decades over which is this biggest, meanest, and coolest monster of all time. Given the choice of Godzilla or Mechagodzilla: most people would choose the radioactive lizard over the space robot, because Godzilla won against Mechagodzilla. What these people fail to realize is that Godzilla had an unfair advantage in that battle.

Both titans fought with all their power and when they reached a stalemate, Godzilla enlisted the help of King Seeser the 120 meter dog-like monster. While Godzilla held Mechagodzilla down, King Seeser beat the robot into submission.I have spent a long time deliberating over who would win in a fair fight.

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Although they seem to be an equal match, both monsters have very different attributes.Both monsters have a hit and run style of fighting. Godzilla is able to move undetected in the water. This leaves him the option of taking his opponent by surprise or making a quick retreat when necessary.

Godzilla may have his tricks, but in the area of maneuvering, I give kudos to Mechagodzilla for one reason. Mechagodzilla can fly. Flight enables him to attack or retreat at great speed, as well as making him a hard target. Godzillas clumsy lizard demeanor is no match for Mechagodzillas jet-like speed.Defensive strength is another important factor in a battle of galactic proportions. Godzilla and Mechagodzilla can both take a hit. Godzilla has very thick and tough skin.

Even if something were to pierce his armor-like scales, he has the unique ability to regenerate. If you hit Godzilla, he sucks it in and keeps fighting. Mechagodzilla was designed by aliens using space age metals and is virtually indestructible. Robots dont know the meaning of the word pain. If you hit Mechagodzilla, he feels nothing and keeps fighting. Unfortunately, Mechagodzilla cannot regenerate, which leaves Godzilla with the defensive edge.

The most important part about a giant monster battle is firepower. Good maneuvering skills and a strong defense can mean nothing against a powerful attack.Godzilla tends to rely on brute force. He charges at his enemy lashing out with every limb. Punches, kicks, head-butts, and tails-wipes are his main arsenal. As backup, Godzilla has the ability to spray a radioactive beam from his mouth which burns anything in its path.

Mechagodzilla relies on high-tech weaponry. Lasers shoot from his eyes and missiles shoot from his hands in a dazzling array of lights and explosions. For close combat, Mechagodzilla is equipped with a special spinning punch and a grinding spear on his tail. These monsters are good at both distant and close combat and have equally balanced attacks.After considering all the data, I still cant decide who would win in a fair fight.

Although they are physically different from each other, their strengths and weaknesses seem to balance out and make them equal fighters. Mechagodzilla is faster and can avoid being hit. Godzilla can take more attacks and fight longer due to his regeneration.

The only conclusion I can reach is that a rematch should be scheduled.Bibliography:

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