‘GOD feels greatly touched and heart-broke” says John-Paul

‘GOD feels greatly touched and heart-broke” says John-Paul

‘GOD IN THE DETAILS’The whole theory of various shrouds and their existence, is what this article is based on. His main focus is the shroud of Turin, which is believed Jesus Christ was wrapped in. But, radioactive carbon dating has proved that it was made in the Middle Ages, and yet, many people still go and visit it.

In order to understand his point, he gives us three different facts. “The image that is on the shroud has a relationship so deep with all the things the Bible tells on the Passion and Death of Jesus, that any sensible man feels greatly touched and heart-broke” says John-Paul the 2nd after praying in front of the shroud. The pope has asked scientists, through the means of a worldwide message, to keep on searching for answers relating the shroud.

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The word ‘shroud’ comes from the ancient Hebrew world, which in Jewish, is a cloth that is wrapped around a dead corpse. It is said Jesus Christ was wrapped in the holy shroud in Turin that we found.Many universities provide a course of Sindeonology, which is the study of the holy shroud. Studies have shown that the shroud is dated approximately during the Middle Ages, therefore it is impossible for it to be the shroud that wrapped the body of Jesus Christ.The Italian microanalyst, Giovanni Riggi, cut 10mm of the linen, cut it into three equal parts, and then sent it to labs in Zurich, Oxford, and Arizona.

These labs performed radioactive carbon dating on it, and the results ranged from 1260 to 1390, therefore proving this shroud was made during medieval times.Alan Adler states that the tests could have been precise, although not been accurate. The sample used for dating was water-stained, scorched, and the edge is back-woven, which shows repair had been done.I found this article extremely informing, and I’m not at all surprised that there is a mystery behind the shroud. I mean, this is Jesus Christ we are talking about.

How could anyone expect the Son of God to be simple and easily understandable? There are also other mysteries surrounding the Life of Jesus Christ, and Christianity in general. I believe that some answers will never be found, and it is these mysteries that make religion much more interesting.

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