Benefits Today, we are discovering and implementing new

Benefits Today, we are discovering and implementing new

Benefits of Genetically Modified OrganismsWe live in a world that is constantly changing and advancing thanks to technological advancements, especially in the field of molecular genetics. Today, we are discovering and implementing new ways to overcome the ill-fated symptoms developed as a result from poor health or accidents. We are also making advancements in the field of agriculture thanks to molecular genetics. As we all know, food is an essential entity in our lives and is abundant as well as relatively easy to obtain here in the United States.

However, as good as it may sound, this is not necessarily true for developing countries. Many people in developing countries receive very little food, if any, due to its scarcity. It is estimated that in Asia alone, close to 800 million people go to bed hungry every night due to food shortage.

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This problem can be alleviated by turning to the production of genetically modified organisms (a.k.a. GMOs).Genetically modified organisms can be plants or animals that have been genetically altered to produce or express a desired characteristic or trait.

By genetically altering organisms such as crops, we can eliminate the use of pesticides by making the crops resistant to insects. We can also produce crops that are resistant to floods and droughts. Furthermore, with the use of molecular genetics, we are able to produce foods that are rich in nutrients and supplements. People in developing countries may not be fortunate enough to have a full course meal that contains nutrients from all four basic food groups. However, GMOs can with a little modification provide all the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals included in a good diet by simply consuming a genetically modified staple crop such as rice. In addition, by producing crops that are resistant to harsh environmental conditions as well as pests, we would see a rapid increase in the production of food thereby reducing and or!possibly eliminating starvation in developing countries. Some people may argue that GMOs is simply not the best solution to starvation.

Many believe that GMOs will lead to ill-fated consequences after being consumed. It is in fact that their fears are based on hysteria and ignorance. Consuming GMOs will not lead to the production of horns on our heads nor will it make us grow tails.

Genetically modified organisms will however increase food production, which is the bottom line. What do you think the first thought will cross a person’s mind when his/her stomach aches for food? Will he/she choose not to eat because of their fears or will he/she relieve their stomach pain and choose to eat? The only was we will know how to answer this question in truth is to be put in that situation. Furthermore, with all the advancements in technology and science, we are discovering that many things around us and in the environment that once was thought to have been harmful to us are no longer a concern. For instance, the use of cellular phon!es were believed to cause cancer due to their emission of radiation. However, today we know that it is somewhat impossible because for one, you would have to be exposed to a phone for very large amounts of time and two, it is mostly the older phones that may do this due to new phones being modified to emit very low amounts of radiation.

Similarly, today GMOs are being developed by scientists who have a profound understanding of molecular genetics allowing them to yield safe mutants.Genetically modified organisms can indeed be beneficial to all occupants of this world. GMOs will not only provide the resistance to pests and harsh environmental conditions, higher crop yield, but also the means to distribute vaccination and nutrition through out our heavily populated planet. Because the discoveries and advancements being made in science today, GMOs are being made safe for all people and should not be looked upon as something that will destroy mankind.

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