Geography Assignment

Geography Assignment

Geography Assignment: Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

Geomorphic Hazard

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Earthquakes occur when tectonic plates collide or ride against each other, building up energy and causing the ground to shake. A significant feature of this earthquake is that it lasted 8-10 minutes and also vibrating the whole planet for as much as 1 centimetre, compared to an average earthquake time of 10 to 30 seconds. This also triggered many other earthquake from around the globe. 3-5 minutes after the earthquake finished. The destruction of the tsunami had a huge amount of damage causing billions of dollars in repairs.

Geomorphic Disaster

On the western coast of Sumatra, in 2004, December 26, there was rupture along the fault between the Indian and Burma Plate, causing a earthquake. This earthquake caused a tsunami, which severely damaged many countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka. The earthquake also provided many waves full of energy, which allowed them to travel at speeds of up to 1000 km per hour (Asian Tsunami ting). This is one of the most worst disasters in history, as it damaged thousands of buildings and agriculture, which lead to an aftermath of a long process of recovery.

2. Describe the location of the geomorphic disaster. Include a map where the disaster occurred.

3. Outline the impacts from the geomorphic disaster.
The Tsunami had a mass effect through many countries almost killing more than 230 000 people and causing over $10 billion of damage (The Asian Tsunami Book) making many families devastated of their loss, communities left to nothing,


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