Today and political conditions which we all live

Today and political conditions which we all live

Today the biggest divide that is facing our society is not a gender divide, racial divide, income or technology divide but it is the generational divide. The world view of these generations are different. World view meaning that the share of beliefs, knowledge and how young people experience the world. Society, world wide event, childhood memories or have shaped individual’s in a way the see the world. The current economic, social, and political conditions which we all live under actually further divide the generations. These aspects differentiate these generations in terms of perspectives and decision making.

Today I am going to talk about one particular generation which is the generation Y. They refer to those who born between 1980 and 1994. It is also known as the Millennial Generation ,Generation Next, Net Generation, Echo Boomers.

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To support my arguments It is essential to briefly make known to you to the other generations. They are the baby boomers and generation x. A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic post world war 2. The generation x is the generation born after the Western post–World War II baby boom ended.

They are born from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s.Over the decade, Many would portray generation Y as the lazy generation, financially irresponsible, and overconfident people. This is a misjudge statement, because it underestimates the generation especially without knowing the facts. The behavior of generation Y is controversially debated by different generations, media, different communities in public, workers, students, and so on. Resources and evidences have shown that they are not as irresponsible or as lazy as people thought, though this generation have some weaknesses too. The first strength is that Gen Y is the world’s first global generation.

They are the most educated, entertained, and materially endowed. as young people, they are seen as creative, beautiful, enthuisiastic, carefree, passionate, energetic, fun , full of potential and hope for the future. Growing up in the millennium era, the gen y has all the advanced information and communication technology that made them diverse and more educated. For example, internet as the form of technology helps people to access different things at once and fast. a simple social network such as facebook or twitter have brought people accross the world together in one place.Popular Cultures are being shared amongst these people. cultures such music, dance, visual imagery, storytelling, design etc.

it has positive impact in the diversion of cultures. For example people in asia can now listen to hip hop music or watch hollywood movies and vice versa . However, most of these young people have lack in faith. Most of young people think that religion relates to as boredom,narrow mindedness, and being out of date. Take An example in catholic religion,If we enter a church on average Sunday and chances are it will be at least half empty.This is because the church lack young people in their early teens or early twenties. Reaserach shows that in 1998, only 7 percent of 15- 19 year olds , and 5 percent of 20-29 year olds went to church on a sunday.

In contrast, generation Y appears to be a self reliant, confident, and upbeat generation. They also seem to be tolerant and community minded. Studies indicate that young people accept the un certainties of unemployment. They positively embrace them and say they would find a job. Some of the findings are surprising.While gen y mostly has liberal views on some issues, on some topics there is an element of conservatism as well. In my opinion being conservative is not a bad thing because On issue such as legalising euthanasia, there is a significant number of Gen y who seem to agree of the current ban.

38% of gen y strongly support the current ban , 35 % of Gen X and 28. 6% of baby boomers. This research shows how younger generations think of Euthanasia as a rejection of the importance and value of human life. On the issue of illegal drugs, Gen Y also seem surprisingly conservative when compared to what people their age felt in previous decade.Majority of gen Y support “tough on drugs” approach. According to McCrindle research finds that the majority of Gen y(79.

6%) support more education for children in school about how dangerous drugs can be. Towards some issues such as gay relationship, unmarried couple living together or starting a family, their views are more relax and casual. The gen Y think that it is not fair that gay marriage is not legalise, they also think that this is the kind of insult to their family, friends, workmates who are gay.

This shows how gen y has liberal views and cherish human rights.The other weakness of gen Y is that they are Commitment-phobia. Generation Y is skeptical of marriage. Their parents (generation x)have the highest divorce rate out of any generation. After observing such cracks, the gen y want to get it right. For generation Y, commitment- phobia is more about being realistic about a situation than the lack of desire to work or be loyal/ they dont see the point in staying a relationship that isnt mutually beneficial.

On the other hand, This generation value their family and friends. ”They get on very well with the baby boomers as they stay at home longer and are connected with their parents’ age group, and they understand the changing ways with technology. ”says social researcher Mark McCrindle. In addition they are also Involved , This is a generation of activists – young people who believe they can make a difference. At last, despite all the negative accusation of generation y, it was all proven wrong. not only independet and capable of many different things, they are also unique and diverse as individuals and have strong views.

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