Generally, it is difficult to stop the bioterrorism attacks from happening. However, planning and preparations can assist in minimizing the threats. We must be aware on bioterrorism attacks as the symptoms or the bioweapons’ effects are not always appear on individuals immediately. In order to be well prepared against the bioterrorism attacks, the health care should establish the plans or strategies in the detection and response toward it. First and foremost, the improvement on the detection of infection getting from the bioweapon should be made. The training session and education should be provided by the health care institution for their medical staff to polish their skills in diagnosing the infection. In addition, the epidemiologists who are expert in a disease outbreak must be trained well, improving their surveillance and enhancing the lab capabilities so that they will be able to diagnose a broad of infection on ease. The way of response toward the bioweapons should be prepared too instead of improving the method of detection. The response strategies should be established and practiced regularly by the health care institution. This is to ensure that the physician and medical staff are familiar with the bioterrorism attacks. Other than that, the decontamination and infection control are the most important thing that must be compulsory implement in the strategies against the bioweapon attacks. Furthermore, the medical staff should regularly check the medical stockpile such as vaccines, immune antisera and antibiotics are always available at all time to prevent out of stock especially during the disaster. For those who are responsible for invention in modern genomic biology, make sure that it does not create more or new strain of pathogens that will be more dangerous and threatening to us. Last but not least, international cooperation is encouraged for sharing the ideas in developing the infection control methods and safety against the bioweapons attacks


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