Generally divided into four aspects

Generally divided into four aspects

Generally divided into four aspects.
1. Impact on sea level
Global warming will cause melting of the icebergs at both the north and south poles of the Earth, which is one of the major causes of sea level rise . A direct impact on sea level rise in the following areas:
(1) lowland flooded:
According to statistics recently released British official in the past 20 years, due to the Thames water level with global warming and increased local government agencies have had to have 88 times higher levees to protect human lives and property in London
(2) The coast is eroded.
(3) Increased salinity of surface water and groundwater affects urban water supply.
(4) groundwater level rise.
(5) Tourism compromised (sea level rise of 50 meters, Dalian, Qinhuangdao, Qingdao, Beihai, Sanya coastal tourist areas backwards 31-366 materials, sand loss of 24%, 60% loss of Beidaihe beach. China Land and Resources Communique 2002 According to reports, the coastal tourism industry has become the largest industry with an output value of 250.3 billion yuan, accounting for 34.6% of the total marine product output.

(6) Affecting the lives of coastal and island residents (1/3 of the world’s population) and threatening them. If the polar ice caps to melt, economically developed and densely populated coastal areas will be swallowed by the sea, the Maldives , the Seychelles and other low-lying island states disappear from the ground, Shanghai, Venice, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro , Tokyo, Bangkok, New York and other major cities seaside As well as Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Egypt and other countries will also be fateful.

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2, the impact on the flora and fauna
the climate is the major factor in determining the distribution of biomes, climate change adaptation in different species in an area and change the competitiveness of different populations of internal ecosystem. Natural flora and fauna, especially plant communities, may have suffered bad luck because they could not adapt to the speed of global warming . Past climate change (such as ice ages) had made many species disappear, the future climate will allow certain species to disappear in some areas, and some species from the human warming obtained benefits, their habitat may increase, competitors and

3, the impact on agriculture
increase in temperature and precipitation caused by global warming will affect the distribution of the type of crop yields and food crops. Changes in climate have led to major changes in the spatial (latitudinal) distribution of the biozones and biomes. Global warming will also increase natural disaster such as high temperature, heat waves, tropical storms and tornadoes.

4, the impact on human health,
Extreme heat will create human health problems in next century which will mainly reflects in increased morbidity and mortality, especially malaria, bubonic filariasis, schistosomiasis, hookworm, cholera, meningitis, kala-azar , dengue fever and other infectious diseases will endanger tropical regions and countries, some mainly occurs in tropical regions of the disease may spread to the mid-latitudes as the climate warms.


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