From early in the history

From early in the history

From early in the history, Women were considered as naught more than creatures, who oblige by the rules of Society. The 1950’s was a period when society was under the complete domination of males view on life. An ideal women during this era, was expected to get married, serve the man and to raise children. Based on the comprehension of Women’s role during that time, if a women performed an unusual activity, they were suspected to have connections with the devil. Society considered female to be more credulous to the devil than male. According to the Bible, Eve was the first to be inveigled by the devil, and lured Adam in the garden of Eden, demonstrating that Women are easily deceived by the devil, increasing their chances of communications with the devil. To simply put it, society managed female in a crude way during the 1950’s. The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, was written during this time, communicating the role of women in society through the work of literature, by creating a sense of enjoyment, and to reveal the horrifying truth. The novel describes the female characters similar to the definition of the stereotypes, in which women are inferior to men, and are considered to participate in devil’s action simply because of their unusual activity. In the novel, the female characters, such as Elizabeth proctor, Mary warren, Abigail Williams, are all built to demonstrate the stereotypes of the 1950’s.


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