uters purpose of which is to help

uters purpose of which is to help

uters College Admissions EssaysThe Ever-changing Environment of Computers From an early age I have always had a strong interesting computing, starting with my very first Amiga computer to the small network of home PCs I now own and manage. Initially the aspect of computing I was most interested in was design which led me into designing web pages and graphics. This in turn took me into learning the CGI scripting language Perl. Since then I have moved on to Windows, Linux and FreeBSD based systems which I run on my home systems to aid my day to day computer usage.

Using different systems and learning to use various methods and programs has always been very important to me, as I believe you must be versatile and willing to learn in such an ever-changing environment as computing. During my time working in the area of graphic design on computers, I have designed the ‘World of Shopping’ website for Parcel Force whilst working for Retail Futures, a local e-commerce company. Recently I have been employed by another local e-commerce company, where I was required to program web applications for the company, which they would then deploy to their clients. I have spent the bulk of my time with eplexus working on Highwaycode.com the purpose of which is to help potential learner drivers choose a driving school and to provide other useful information. My involvement in the scheme was to design the site, databases front and back end systems.

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As a result of being involved in this project, I feel I gained valuable commercial experience, learning to develop this sort of site in a work, rather than academic environment. Alongside my practical experience, I am also studying Computing at college, which aids me to learn the fundamentals of software design and object orientated programming as well as learning Visual Basic. Art is another subject in which I am particularly interested.

I am currently studying Art at A-level and have even had my work exhibited in a gallery and in local industry buildings as part of the ‘Art in the Workplace’ scheme which is offered by my college. The piece of my artwork which was displayed was a painting inspired by a trip to Italy I took part in with my college last year. In my spare time, I enjoy running my own comedy website with my friends, which has enabled me to learn good organisational skills. Aside from computing, I enjoy playing basketball with people from my college every Wednesday afternoon. I have found this to be a welcome break from normal study, allowing me to exercise at the same time as relieving stress.

Whilst in the lower sixth, I was asked to help with an activity arranged by Shell Oil which was aimed at capturing the interest of pupils around the age of ten and eleven by involving them in scientific activities. Throughout the day I acted as a teacher for year six pupils from various junior schools. Working in a group, we had to demonstrate the building of a ‘balloon boat’ and then supervise the children whilst they attempted to build their own in small groups. This helped me to use my communication skills in explaining the theory behind building the boat to young people who had possibly not yet encountered that stage or type of science.

Throughout my time at both school and college, I have been involved in a number of school activities, and have also made an effort to maintain a good balance between this and my academic work. Being involved in and having the ability to give something back to my school has always been important to me, and it is something that I am keen to continue at University.

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