Food Availability is a factor associated with food security

Food Availability is a factor associated with food security

Food Availability is a factor associated with food security. It means that there is a satisfactory amount of food for every person to have on a regular basis supplied through internal production and imports from other regions or countries. It is determined by food production and food trade. This may also include manufacturing, storage, distribution and exchange of produces. It is provided consistently and frequently. Many countries have strategies and solutions in place for growing and cultivating a variety of harvests and food. This allows them to fully maximise their food availability and ensure food security. For example, in coastal communities of Arnhem Island, (located in the north-eastern region on Northern Territory) the ocean provides food security. This is ensured by the local knowledge that the ‘catch’ or the food from the water is prepared in a safe and appropriate way.

b) Food Accessibility is a factor associated with food security. It means that sources of healthy food are easily accessible at a manageable distance from your home or your workplace, by using affordable and convenient transportation. It allows the physical and economic access to food. For there to be food accessibility, there needs to be food available to reach for the people who need it the most. Many food researchers believe that there is more than enough food available for everybody who lives on Earth but the problem is, that it is not distributed evenly enough for everybody to access it appropriately. The people living in developed countries have the access to more food than they require and then consequently leading to high levels of food wastage. While this is happening, people living in developing countries are struggling to access enough food to meet their daily requirements. The reasons for this are because of the lack of equal distribution due to many complex factors such as social, political and economic factors, such as increasing prices and trade agreements between other countries. An example of this is of Australia and how the country has a high amount of food available that mostly everyone has access to. Australia produces more than they consume so they export the food to other countries.

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c) Appropriate Use of Food means to be able to use food safely and sensibly by applying knowledge about the nutrition, water usage and the sanitation involved when preparing the food. Many different countries and cultures have a varied sense of what is appropriate in the process of producing and making the food. Different parts of the world may have a certain type of diet according to their culture. What may be appropriate to eat in one side of the world may be considered unusual or different to what others might eat daily. For example, in many Asian countries, especially Eastern Asia, insects and many invertebrates (spiders and scorpions) are commonly eaten as part of their lifestyle. Appling the local cultural knowledge, it allows the food to be prepared healthily and be made to be nutritional and safe to eat.


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