FLASH The raining will make the water in

FLASH The raining will make the water in

FLASH FLOOD Flash flood is one of the natural disasters that harmful to people. This kind of natural disaster usually cannot be expected by people because flash flood is a sudden occurrence. Flash flood happened suddenly with very little warning. So that, this will become a hazard situation when nobody knows that there will be happen a flood while all of them are busy doing their job. This shows that it is important to be aware of any signs of the flood and always remember to get to the high ground if we see or hear rapid rising water at our place.There are some signs before the flash flood occur. One of them is a non-stop raining for a few hours at a certain place.

The raining will make the water in the river or the sea get rise. When the rivers could not handle all the water, and the water channeled through streams then violent flood will be occur. At the same time, the weather get worse when there are thunderstorm and lighting at the same place.

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After the thunderstorm, the flash flood will take place.When flood occur, people are scared and very busy to save their own things but at that time the most important are saving their life. Meanwhile, rescue teams are going to safe people that trapped in house which the water level received at dangerous level. After that, the victim will sent to a safe places such as school, hall, mosque and so on. The victim will receive helps from others like foods, clothes, medicines and many others while waiting the water level decrease and their house in safe condition to live.After the water level decrease and their house in safe condition, the victim are allowed to return to their home and start the cleaning process of their houses because the houses that were flooding before will surely become very dirty and muddy. These flash flood also destroy many things such as furniture, cars, drains, books, and others.

Consequently, people have to endure huge losses to renovate and repair those things. All of the victims must always be patience and did not being a selfish person while this disaster was happened.

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