First of all

First of all

First of all, the means of aviation by definition is the outline, fabricate, utilise, or activity of airplane in which the term flying machine alludes to any vehicle equipped for flight. In the aviation, aircraft has its own types which are divided into two categories, among them are Heavy Than Air (HTA) and Lighter Than Air (LTA). The example for HTA is fixed wing, rotary wing and glider. Then, for LTA is airship and balloons.
In ancient times, human imagery to fly a very high degree of earth like eagles has become their dream. And then, they start to think and imagine how they want to fly in the air. Now all their dreams have come true or more accurately has become a reality in this modern era.
In the first attempt in 1500, Leonardo da Vinci was the first person he had collected data for flying like a bird and flinging the flying machine and creating wings that could be packed in his paintings. and finally, the description of the paintings he created allows humans to fly.


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