Fight the movie, the characters are planned

Fight the movie, the characters are planned

Fight Club ReviewThe movie that is being reviewed and analyzed is Fight Club, which stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Fight Club is in a genre on its own, but falls into the categories of action and mystery. We will be looking at the subdivisions of plot, character, setting, and focus. By analyzing these points of the movie we can see why Fight Club belongs to the certain genre it is placed in.The movie starts off where one the characters is held at gun point. Of course we all wonder how he got there, so the narrator takes us back to where it all starts. We meet an unnamed character who has insomnia.

We learn about his life and that he lives a pretty decent life. Of course, we would not have a movie if our main character was content with his life. There needs to be more conflict.

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Due to his insomnia, he takes up going to support groups that help people in need (i.e. men with testicular cancer, alcoholics, and dying people). He soon notices a lady named Marla Singer who is showing up at the same support groups he goes to even the one for testicular cancer. He catches onto her game simply because she shows up there.

Later on he is on a business flight and meets another character named Tyler Durden who is very interesting. Our noname character gets home to find that someone has blown-up his condo, so he decides to call his “single serving friend” from the plane ride. The two live together and form a quick bond.

They start a “fight club” where men can escape the real world. It is a very secretive club “The first rule of fight club is we do not talk about fight club”. As the movie goes on, the club becomes more of a cult and the tasks that they have to complete become more difficult and more dangerous.

Soon we learn that our noname character has an alter-ego and it isTyler Durden. Tyler Durden is everything he wants to be. Because he lives a so called respectable life he lets himself go through his alter-ego. All the mayhem that happens is all really because of him. Our “average Joe” is the cause of all the “fight clubs” across the nation. In the movie, the characters are planned out very well.

The characters all fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The characters all go together because they all need each other in some way. Our “no name” character relates to us in some way, either because we are overworked or because there is a side of us that we are dying to release. We can relate to the feelings that he has and the stress that he undergoes. Marla Singer relates to many women in a strange way as well, she is the “damsel in distress”. She rebels because she wants to be loved.

Marla lashes out in extreme ways to get attention from her “prince charming” which is Tyler Durden. These two are put together in the movie so that there is a love story as well. As for Tyler Durden’s alter-ego he is everyone we would like to be. He is the person we would be if we could. Tyler has the attitude that he does not care about anything or anybody else. If we all were like Tyler we would all probably be happier as individuals, but as a society it would be complete chaos.

Tyler is the free spirit of the group while our no name character is the uptight one and mixed in with Marla the drama queen you have a blockbuster hit! The setting of the movie takes place in a busy city, where the typical action/thriller takes place. Most of the scenes take place in dark buildings and such to emphasize the darkness of fighting. Also the house that they live in is a dirty place. Most of the buildings were old ones or ones that were not being used at the time. It is all about the symbolism and looking at why the director chose the places he did. The dark buildings where they fight show how fighting is dark. By using an abandoned house for his home depicts how maybe he feels abandoned and alone.

The setting for the movie fit right in with the plot because the plot of the movie is full of action and what better place to find action than a city. The theme of the movie is to show how some let go of their inner most emotions. In the movie, we see this guy who seems to appear normal and we later find out he goes extremely crazy.

He does this in a series of events and slowly he lets himself become his alter-ego. He starts a club to escape his problems and finds a girl like him but who isn’t what may be accepted by the society. He becomes the non-caring free spirit. If all these outrageous events did not happen he would not let himself fully become Tyler Durden.

If he did not listen to his inner self he would not have found his true happiness. The focus of the movie is to not let what society approves of determine what makes you happy. Due to the releasing of his alter-ego he founded a club that many men joined to get away from the harsh realisms of everyday life and found his corky girlfriend.

However, he found it necessary to “kill” Tyler because it got out of hand. So everyone should let go and express the way they feel to an extent where they do not go insane. After analyzing the plot, characters, setting, and focus we can see how Fight Club falls into its own genre.

It has everything to fit into the action and mystery categories. Most reviewers overall enjoyed the movie very much. Christopher Null gave the movie four out of five stars and said it was “perfection and a good memorable film”. Steven Rhodes also says it is a good film “It’s the sort of film that will leave you exhausted but glad you came.” (

com/Reviews/210/21041) However from a woman’s point of view the film was barbaric and violent, “it’s socially irresponsible and repellent in its graphic depictions of extreme violence and brutality,” says Susan Granger. (http://www.speakers-podium.

com/susangranger.) I, however, even though I am a female I enjoyed the film very much. It has become one of my favorite movies because I feel like I can relate to the topic very much because I wish I was just able to let go and do what I really want to do. Everyone has his or her own opinion of things so you should see the movie and see how you react to it.

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