Wolf really is. Zeke is really Dr.

Wolf really is. Zeke is really Dr.

Wolf Rider: A Tale of TerrorBy: AviThis book took place in the present time. It was mostly in Madison in Andy’s high school and Madison Community College.The main character is Andy, a fifteen-year old boy.

The other main character is Andy’s dad, Mr. Zadinski. Hes a professor at Madison College. Paul was Andy’s best friend who tried to help him with his problem. Mr. Lucas is also a professor who makes prank calls to Andy about killing someone. Nina Klemmer was a college student who was being stalked.

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The theme of this book is that don’t get discouraged if everyone else doesn’t believe you. Keep what you believe stuck in your head and don’t let someone else get you off track. No one believed Andy’s telephone call. They all thought it was just a prank call. Andy didn’t listen and did whatever he could to protect the girl who was going to get hurt.The main conflict in the story is that a guy named Zeke called Andy and told him he had killed Nina Klemmer. No one believed that it was real, not his dad, not his friends, not even the police.

. Andy tries to warn Nina but she keeps avoiding him and thinks he is stalking her. Andy gets in trouble for bothering her and his father gets mad at him. Even the cops get fed up with his complaining.

Andy then finds out who Zeke really is. Zeke is really Dr. Lucas. Andy gets an idea on how to get him to confess.

The other problem is when Andy is waiting for Dr. Lucas to come to a party, Dr. Lucas has a plan.

He shows up and kidnaps Andy. He ties him up and puts him in his car and they drive away for hours. Dr. Lucas tells Andy that he did want to kill Nina and he might kill him too. They stop in front of a cliff. Andy tried to escape. He punched Dr.

Lucas and opened the door and jumped out. The emergency brake on the car was not on and it started rolling. Andy screamed “the car the car.” It was too late. Dr. Lucas could not get out and the car rolled off the cliff killing him.

Days later when Andy had to leave to spend time at his Aunts, he pretended not to know what happened. He feel good that Nina would be safe.I think this was a great book. It was really exciting and the conflicts in the story kept you reading. I think that everyone should have found out that it was Dr. Lucas who made those calls but it was a great ending.

The story gave you the chills after finishing it.

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