Ecuador natural resources and aclimate that allows us

Ecuador natural resources and aclimate that allows us

Ecuador is small country in south America.

is situated overPer and beneath Venezuela and Colombia. Its population is12.500.

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000. there are different ethnic groups in Ecuador,there is mestizo (mixed Amerindian and Spanish) 55%,Amerindian 25%, Spanish 10%, black 10% (-1-). The predominantreligion is Roman Catholicism. 90% of the population knows howto read and write.

Ecuador is also very rich in tradition andit has been blessed with tons of natural resources and aclimate that allows us to grow and produce all year longalmost anything. The official language is Spanish but in Sommeplaces they also speak a mixture of Amerindian dialectsespecially Quechua( most likely spoken by Indians ) . InEcuador like in most south American countries politics arevery corrupted. Ecuador is not very fair to every one in itscommunity because it doesnt provide equal opportunity forevery one,Ecuadors modern society unfair that you can almostsay that you are either born with or with out opportunity.One of the most significant factors that affect equaltreatment is last names.

Last names can be good or bad it justdepends WHAT your name is and what does it represent tosociety. Last names have a history attached. To have a goodname means tons of thing, means you come from a family knownto every one because its been around in Ecuador at the leastfor the last 200 years and always have been known to behonest, all men and women were gentlemen or proper ladies,hard working, table manners, politeness, noble, and most ofall it says that you can be trusted. While that person can bethe biggest thief in Ecuadors history. A lot of thepoliticians use their last names to project an image of truthand honesty to the people just so they can get a vote. A lotof people rely on names for a lot of things, the differencebetween having a good name or a bad one can affect you fromthe most insignificant way to a way that could mean set backin some of your lives goals.

On one hand a insignificantexample is when you are a teenager and you want to go out withsome one whose last name is unknown or worse a bad name thereis no possible way you are going to be bale to go out withthat person if you are under 15. Another example when you arereally young. You cant go to some ones party if that personhas a bad name or if its last name is unknown, your parentswould give two reson for it. The one reson I agree with isthis one that actually makes sense that (parent would say) wedont know that family and we dont know what rules or customsdo they have its understandable I wouldnt trust my kids toa stranger so why trust them to an stranger family we dontknow about or even herd of them. On the other hand a much moredifficult situation could pop up in your carrier, names inEcuador can influence a lot when it come to landing jobs. Forinstance.

Will just assume that Cate is one of most respectednames in Ecuador and that person has applied to exactly thesame job that a person whose name is Lopez that we assume isnot known by sociaty. First of all the one with the good nameis going to get the interview first and treated better, as theemployer goes over their resumes he notices names and tries toidentify if he knows someone with that name, he has identifiedCate because is known in Ecuador that the cate family comesfrom a old honest hard working family where as the name Lopezis just one more in the list. They both graduated fromPrinceton University, they both got their MBAs in U PENNsWharton Business School and they have had a work experience indifferent but equally important banks in the United States.Either for pressure from higher managers, friends family orsociety it self Cate is going to get the job because a goodname in Ecuador is name you can trust.A Bad last name is some thing that you could be bornwith two. A bad last name may have just the same weigh insociety as a good with the difference that a bad name onlyproduces negative effects on their daily lives.

Bad last namesas well also carry a history attached to them. They aresupposedly known for the exact opposite of a good name, theyare very corrupt, dishonest, gritty, cheaters, no politeness,no manners, no table manners, and because of this it becomes aicon that automatically means bad. An example for being bornwith a bad name are the Persian emigrants that came incolonies around the 1800s Persian are well known all over theworld for having a gut fell and skills for commerce. Becausethere where so many business men from Persian backgrounds orfamily not all of them could have been honest so there were afew crocks and cheaters in commerce from Persian backgroundand over the years the Persians were characterized as crocksand thieves by all of society in Ecuador. Another reson ofwhy Persian descendent last names are not good names isbecause there have been a lot of corrupt Persian politiciansalong Ecuadors government history so besides their history inbeeign in the past crock they come and reinforce it with thebad egoistic governments we have obtained from PersianIn Ecuador un fairness doesnt just come from good orbad last names but also from race and regionalism. For a lotof people RACE is another big factor when it comes tofairness. Ecuador is mostly meztisos which are a mixture ofamerindians and Spanish that constitute 50 percent ofpopulation, the Amerindians continued 25 percent and black andSpanish 10 and 10 percent respectively.

the ones who areaffected this mistreatment are he blaks and the amerindindianscontinuing the 35 percent of population. In Ecuador there aretwo big cities one is Guayaquil that from where I come fromand the other is the capital Quito in both of the cities thereis a lot of racial segregation for balks and amerindians. WHY?because they do no live in cities blaks and amerindians liveoften in small towns for example most blaks live by the coastin cities like Esmeraldas and Manabi working as farm employesor working in low pay jobs because they are nit well educatedand because their are known not to be well educated. The samething happens with amerindians they mostly live in thehighlands and also work underpaid because they are not welleducated, thus wen they go to the big cities for jobs even ifthey have been well educated often they will reject blaks oramerindians because they will often think they are not capableof doing a job or smart enough to do the job right.Regionalism is another kind of unfairness that happens alot in Ecuador.

The country is divided into provinces eschwich a capital city and all over the contry there are taxesfor purchesing and millions of things that produces a lot ofmoney. All of the money goes to the capital in order to bere-emanated to provinces for them to manage. But instedcorruption is so high and shameless that the money dosent evencome out representavives from the provinces have to go tocapital beging for the money they own them in order for poortowns and cities to survive in the corrupting economy we liveEconomic and social status are other big factors in fairtreatment in Ecuador. By having a high economic and socialstatus what is implied? Power, power is implied. People withmoney or high positions in sociaty are treated differentlythan the people who dont have money or a satand in sociaty.

people with out any kind of influences are more likely to goto jail and have longer senteces where as people withinfluences get out trouble by paying some cash or pullingsome strings. People should be cuted by the same knife andacording to the law. There is just one law and one for all,not one for the rich and another for the poor, or one forIn conclution i would like to incourage upon yung peoplewho in their hand is the future of our sociaties health thatno matter the color of the skin, the city nor region that welive in, how much money our how well known we are, that weshould all learn our differences, accept them, treat and betreated the same way everybody is in order to live in moreplasent place were people no matter their conditions have thesame opportunity to succed in their lives as everybody else. (-1-) All kinds of population dataBibliography:(-1-) All kinds of population datawhere fund at

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