A belong to the literature tales. And

A belong to the literature tales. And

A fairy is a tiny being with wings (such as butterfly’s, dragonfly’swings) that looks exactly like a persons. Fairies are everlasting and canbe either male or female. They live in everyday surroundings; mostly inforested areas, underwater, or in the “Other World”, where they frequentlywage wars with other creatures. Fairies are said to have magical powers,such as the ability to change the weather, seasons, and to change nightinto day.Fairies are tricky creatures that can appear and disappear in amatter of seconds. Most of the time, they like to be invisible, but duringthe night, they like to appear and show their beauty.

They wear green cloththat covers a small portion of their body. They enjoy dancing and singing,which is their only routing of life.Most fairies are considered harmful to humans. However, some of themenjoy playing tricks and ruing people’s lives. Capable of taking humanlovers, fairies have been known as “charm humans” who have the ability tobreak people’s heart. Fairies love dancing in circles, using music toattract humans inside those flowery circles.

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Once trapped, escape isimpossible unless a human chain is formed to pull that person out of thecircle. Fairies are also capable of attracting humans to their islands.These islands are magical places where everything is happy and there is noone who gets sick and dies. However, once inside, there is no way toescape.

Dark Fairies have a reputation for stealing newborn babies andreplacing them with another object that do not related to the baby at all.Because, of this actions most of the dark side fairies considered beingevil in the human world.Fairies are such unknown mythical creatures that there is no trueanswer where they come from. Some people think that fairies are the ancientremnants of the Tuatha de Danaa, which means the people of the Greekgoddess Anu. Some believe that fairies are angels, which have been cast outof heaven; falling to the place where they are to stay for eternity. TheIrish believe that fairies are previously conquered societies, who weredriven into hiding when the Celts invaded Ireland.

Other cultures believethat fairies are the souls of dead people, who were not good enough forHeaven and yet too bad for Hell. As a result, they have been sent back toearth with completely different appearances and with little ability ofpower to create good. However, there still are not enough facts to make areasonable conclusion, and as a result, we do not completely know aboutfairies.Most of the fairies belong to the literature tales. And consideredbeing popular in Shakespeare’s writing. Nevertheless, Shakespeare oftenmade up fairies that are not the same kind that people considered them tobe.

Most of his fairies were males with the tiny appearance that were notnoticeable at all. Finally, when female fairies approached they expressthat aura of good and happiness that all of us wished for.

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