Braveheart province that is guarded by soldiers at

Braveheart province that is guarded by soldiers at

Braveheart EssayI think that the movie Braveheart helped us all learn more about the middle ages because it showed the battles and lives as closely as possible. For example, in the battles they had very little strategy, the only strategy that I saw was when William flanked the English at Stirling and took out their archers. The movie also portrayed the brutality and merciless rule of the many foul rulers.

The movie Braveheart also showed how the lives of the peasants performed their farming duties in their lives and their entertainment they had. Like in the scene where he firsts meet Murron they are dancing then Wallace and Hamish have the rock-throwing contest. It also showed how important the code of Chivalry was in their times when Robert De Bruce betrayed him you could tell that he was devastated. I think that we also learned that if you truly believed in something you wouldn’t change what you think no matter what they would do.

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I think that Wallace’s beliefs were worth fighting and dying for because why should you have to be oppressed be a king that would take your things and rule you cruelly. Without their own king Scotland would just be a meaningless province that is guarded by soldiers at all times. Why should you live in constant fear when you can have freedom and live in relative peace and you don’t have to worry about what you say or do about the English because they have no rule there? The consequences for all of Wallace’s actions led to the deaths of many people, but it also led to freedom.

The negatives of the war were starvation, torture, and deaths of your friends and companions. They all fought and many died fighting for freedom and the ones that lived got to enjoy the convenience of freedom. The positive effects of his actions are the freedom they all received as well the weakening of England, and an easier life. Also the future of Scotland was looking much better that it did when it was under English rule. All the children will never have to worry about their freedom or the English killing or doing other things to them or their family.

In my life I would be willing to fight and die for my country if it ever needed it or I would also die for anything better that would come out of it. I would also fight and die for my religion and for certain people in the world. Those things move me to fight so much because where would I be right now without my country or family or friends. They have all given so much to me it is the least I could do for them. If there was a war I would fight, I really don’t know why some people would not, no matter what you do during your life you are gonna die eventually, if God chooses for me to die in World War three then I will.

I look at it, as not really my choice, because everyone dies it’s just a matter of when, why and how. That is what I got out of the movie.

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