Faculty of Dentistry Research Methodology Department M

Faculty of Dentistry Research Methodology Department M

Faculty of Dentistry
Research Methodology Department
M.B.B. S Proposal
Submitted as partial fulfillment for the requirement of the degree of BDS

Research title:
Difficulties facing 4th and 5th dental students in academy dental hospital during the clinics

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Name: Sara Hafiz Al-shafie AhmedMohammed
Student index number: DN-2014-053
Telephone number: +249 96 813 8742
E-mail: [email protected]

Keywords: Professional education, Personal development, Dental education, Hidden curriculum

A student is motivated to learn and achieve high level by the messages he receives from his entire surrounding; family; community, his employer, and his culture. Both students and the education providers have considered the dental course stressful. Generally students undergo problems of one form or the other. These problems can be academic, financial, social or emotional. 1
The problems may be compounded by the fact that some students did not choose dentistry as their first choice. Studies have shown that up to 80% of the students pursuing dentistry were not adequately prepared for the course. 2 Several studies done in different dental institution around the world have shown that many students view examinations, fear of failing workload and other course requirements as what many interfere with their learning. Perception of stress may be influenced by one’s personal beliefs and attitudes; social cultural background of student has a strong influence on tolerance and motivation by stress. Stress and associated problems may be expressed as sleeplessness, fatigue, dizziness and changes in cardiac rhythm gastrointestinal distress for example duodenal and gastric ulcers are a common
manifestation. Some students result to drugs and alcohol abuse as a coping mechanism. 3 The general well being of the students depends on effective management of the problems facing them. Therefore the aim of this study is to determine the problems facing the dental students, and the perceived effect on their academic performance.
The quality of training at any institution can best be analyzed by taking the students perceptions into consideration.4 Students can provide valuable feedback, which can be beneficial to review the curriculum and improve the overall standard of training, as well as patient care.5 Unfortunately, in many situations the students’ opinions are often overlooked, especially when considering the future planning of the program.4,5 This uncertainty by the dental student may reflect on the unsatisfactory preclinical training, which affects the clinical treatment.6

Problem Statement:-
The dental learning process is perceived to be hard and very challenging and this is made harder by other problems not related to academic work. Many students do not express these problems outwardly since they feel that these problems may not be solved or handled adequately. These problems may affect them both in their academic work, physical and mental health. Many difficulties face 4th and 5th year students during the clinic working with patients which may slow their work and extend their working time with patients .6

Many studies have been done around the world to determine problems facing dental students but there is scanty information on the problems facing dental student in developing countries including Sudan. The aim of this study is to determine the problems facing dental students and the perceived effects on the academic performance. The data and information collected during this study will be used by educators to formulate programs that will help in identification of these problems and ways to improve the learning environment of dental students.6
Lack of knowledge about the difficulties facing 4th and 5th year students in academy dental hospital during working with patients.
What are the difficulties facing 4th and 5th year students in academy dental hospital.

To know the difficulties facing 4th and 5th year students in academy dental hospital during their clinical time with patients,
To determine the types of problems facing the dental students
To determine the causes of these difficulties.
To identify which difficulties are most common among the students.
To assess the prevalence of each of these difficulties in different clinical times.

Observational complete coverage dental university based study.
Study AREA:-
Academy Dental Hospital in the Khartoum state.
UMST 4th and 5th year dental students.
Inclusion Criteria:-
Accept to participate in the study;
Undergraduate 4th or 5th year dental student currently studying in UMST in the Academic Dental Teaching Hospital pursuing the BDS degree course

Exclusion Criteria:-
Individuals who did not fulfill the above criterias were excluded.

Data will be collected using self-administered structured questionnaire.
Sample size:-
n = z² pq/?² where z² is z value (1.96 for 95% confidence level), pq is the variability of the population (0.5 used the remedies & 0.5 did not), and ?² is level of margin of error squared (confidence interval 0.5).
will be analyzed using SPSS will be described using frequencies and percentage will be presented in tables and graphs.
an association between dependent and independent variable will be detected by a chi square test.
-Students’ perception of the problems facing them.
-Students’ attitude
-Problems faced by the students
-Year of study
-Level of education

Ethical approval will be sought from UMST committee and Khartoum Institution review board. Permission from academic dental hospital will be obtain. Privacy and confidentiality will be ensured by coding the name of governmental center to make the data anonymous.

Expected outcome:-
More knowledge about the difficulties facing 4th and 5th years dental students during their clinical time and helping the authorities to realize these issues and come up with ways to solve it.

1. Altbach, Philip G. “Commitment and Powerlessness on the American Campus: The Case of the Graduate Student.” LIBERAL EDUCATION 56 (December 1970):562-582.
2. Ellinwood, Steven, N. Mayerson, and S. C. Paul. “Law Student Survey Results: An Empirical Method for Assessing Stress in Professional Education Programs: An Assessment of Stress among Law Students at the University of Utah.” Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah, 1983.
3. Falk, David. “Campus Environments, Student Stress, and Campus Planning.” In PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS IN THE CAMPUS COMMUNITY, edited by B. Bloom. New York: Behavioral Publications, 1975.
4. Oliver R, Kersten H, Vinkka-Puhakka H, Alpasan G, Bearn D, Cema I, et al. Curriculum structure: Principles and strategy. Eur J Dent Educ. 2008;12(Suppl 1):74–84.
5. Henzi D, Davis E, Jasinevicius R, Hendricson W, Cintron L, Isaacs M. Appraisal of the dental school learning environment: The students’ view. J Dent Educ. 2005;69(10):1137–47.
6. Evelyn Mulupi M. Problems Facing Dental Students At The University Of Nairobi And The Perceived Effects On Their Academic Performance. Undergraduate. University Of Nairobi; 2005.



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